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Latest news and updates about 3d printing technology.

A Material Guide To The 3D Printing Technology

Oct 26 Posted By: Brent Stewart Times Read: 5594 2

New-aged 3D printers have engraved their roots almost all across the world- inside houses and more prominently in the industries. Similarly, you get to see a lot of 3D printer stores too, both online and offline, where you could choose the best 3D printers as per their specifications and your needs.

3D Printing: A Beginner’s Guide To The Booming Concept

Sep 28 Posted By: Steve Times Read: 2711 0

If you are even a bit interested towards scanning and printing industry, you would have heard of the prominent 3D Printers and scanners, which are high in demand nowadays.

The 2017 TCT Show: A Prologue To The 3D Printing Technology

Sep 28 Posted By: Clifton Roy Times Read: 1632 0
The 2017 TCT Show: A Prologue To The 3D Printing Technology

The 'National Exhibition Center (NEC)' of Birmingham, UK is all set to raise the curtains of 'The TCT Show' very soon, which would be a full-house show consisting over 250 exhibitors from the 3D Printing Industry.

Restoring Destroyed Artefacts with 3D Printing

Feb 24 Posted By: Leon Wallace Times Read: 2558 0

Applications of 3D Printing is getting widespread recognition in almost all walks of life, and the same is true about Restoration of historical monuments and ancient artefacts. A team of experts from Rome are now using 3D printers to restore historical artefacts which were destroyed by ISIS during their reign of terror at the city of Palmyra in Syria.

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