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Latest news and updates about 3d printing technology.

McDonald's new Christmas advert tells the story of a 3D Printed Doll – We’re loving it!!

Nov 24 Posted By: Forrest Erickson Times Read: 1847 0

We as 3D printing community are proud of how McDonalds has used 3D printing to make this advertisement

Meet ONO the worlds cheapest 3D Printers

Nov 19 Posted By: Mathew Byrd Times Read: 2315 0

3D Printers are now available in all shapes and sizes but have you ever wondered which one is the smallest 3D Printer available out there?

3D printed drone could soon deliver your dominos pizza

Nov 17 Posted By: Mike Times Read: 1664 0

Like any other sector we can think of, 3D Printing is also being used as a tool to improve and improvise the capabilities of drones and is companies like dominos are taking special interest in making their delivery drones using 3D printers

Secrets of Ceramic 3D Printing

Oct 26 Posted By: Chris Coleman Times Read: 8401 0

Ceramic 3D Printing has been around for a few years now, however we hardly get to hear about it. Let’s try to see explore some lesser known facts about this kind of 3D Printing and ponder over its potentials

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