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Latest news and updates about 3d printing technology.

A 3D printer that prints 3D printers!

Sep 21 Posted By: Olivia Times Read: 2723 0

We have heard, dreamed and seen Hollywood movies where robots make other robots, machines make other machines and this all was but fiction. Now, we all, who love 3D Printing which includes the engineers, designers, artists and fans have to wait just a little to witness a breakthrough moment of this century. A 3D Printer that prints 3D Printers. No, this is no joke, it is not fiction, it is not hype, it's a cold hard “TRUTH”.

North Korea Invents 3D Printers To Create Bones

Sep 20 Posted By: John Times Read: 1553 0

Now, there is a new step ahead in medical 3D printing. North Korea has demonstrated its most recent inventions. The country has unveiled a new range of 3D printers that can reproduce bones which can be used in dentistry and cosmetic surgery. This new invention has come up as a good news for the doctors across the world. As per KCTV news segment, the new invention will help the doctors to save time and improve the quality of complicated medical procedures.

French Create 3D Print Of Clitoris For Sex Education

Aug 17 Posted By: Richard Times Read: 3071 0

The french are the revolutionaries. Now, they have done revolution in educational 3D printing as well. Speaking in terms of the sexual frontier, the French are always ahead. So, this time they have brought out a largely forgotten sexual organ in focus. This organ relates to female sexuality and is known as Clitoris. A social medical french researcher Odile Fillod has brought this subject to light by creating a 3D printed model of the organ.

Post Overflowing Demand, Pokemon Go Pokeball Aiming Gadget Designer Shuts Etsy Store

Sep 19 Posted By: Olivia Times Read: 3058 0

Pokemon, Pokemon Go is the newest craziest craze for gamers. The craze has now hit new heights. 3D printing industry has become the latest casualty of this game. Do not worry, it just a metaphor to be taken in good humor. So, what exactly is the thing? Jon Cleaver, a 3D printed Poke Ball Aiming gadget designer who owns a store on has temporarily shut it down due to an absolutely outrageous surge in orders.

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