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  • Brand: WANHAO
  • Product Code: WANHAO-BAY-0086

The Duplicator 4S Black Steel Exoframe The Duplicator 4S is the latest update to our Duplicator 4 series of printers. This printer comes with all of the great features of the Duplicator 4X (hinged safety door, two side safety panels, and a detachable hood) but has also been updated to include a steel exoframe, a steel printing platform, and a larger Z-Axis threaded rod. Other features include upgraded electronics and 1/16 micro-stepping motor control.  Each printer Includes 2 filament rolls with 100 color combinations to choose from. This printer takes the Duplicator 4 to the next level!It comes in a black steel exoframe, which makes it very stable and vibration safe. The 4s features a heated build plate and fully enclosed build area to ensure accurate prints and a stable temperature which helps prevent shrinking and warping of plastics. The Duplicator 4s is equipped with the new MK10 Dual-Extruder set for dual printing. Use two different colors or use one of the extruders with HIPS or PVA as support material. Other features include upgraded electronics and 1/16 micro-stepping motor control. If you want to unlock the full potential of the printer we recommend that you buy SIMPLIFY 3D with the printer, but if you choose not to, ReplicatorG is included

The Duplicator 4S is the flagship model from Wanhao. The new D4S come as standard with a smart looking case made from powdercoated metal.  This not only looks good but also makes it super rigid, meaning less vibration during printing, which ultimately means even finer detailed prints! Coupled with having metal casing, the D4S also comes with an upgraded full metal build platform structure, which also means less vibration, wobble and sag. All round our most accurate machine yet. The D4S allows you to print like a pro, giving super quality high end prints but without the high end price tag.

  • Full Metal casing - Super rigid case meaning less vibration
  • Dual extruders - Having two extruders means you can print two colours or materials in one print session
  • Mk10 extruder feeders - Feeding filament into the extruders is a vital part to printing, and these have the very best and latest MK10 feeder mechanisms fitted, meaning no more feeding issues
  • Heated print bed - A heated print bed is a must for printing many types of filaments and for ultimate results
  • Large print area - A large print area of 225m x 145mm x 150mm allows you to print BIG things
  • Fully scrolling display and buttons - This guides you through the quick and easy menus for your Duplicator printer
  • Full perspex enclosure - Keeping the heat in the build area is key, so having a full enclosure with side windows and hinged door allows you to keep your printing environment at it's optimum temperature
  • Large Filament type compatability - The Duplicator can print 1.75mm ABS, PLA, HIPS, Ecoflex, Ninjaflex, PVA and many many more filaments
  • Print layer capability - Print down to a super fine detailed 0.1mm layer!
  • Full print kit included - Everything needed to print is included with your Duplicator printer

The Duplicator 4S comes out of the box with everything need to get printing. You will receive:

  • Your assembled Duplicator printer
  • Full perspex enclosure kit (requires simple assembly)
  • All power/data cables (including USB PC hook-up)
  • Spares - including print bed tape, filament spool holders, guide tubes, SD card, etc
  • Full colour printed instructions
  • 2 x 1kg filaments (assorted)
  • Software - ReplicatorG supplied and drivers
Product Condition
Item Condition New
Printing Specifications
Build Volume 225*145*150mm
Print Speed 120mm/s
Layer Resolution 100 micron- 400 micron
Print Precision 0.1-0.4mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Extruder Diameter 0.4mm
Filament Material Compatibilities PLA ABS HIPS Wood PVA FLX CON
Mechanical Specifications
Chassis Steel Case Black ExoFrame
Extruder Name MK10
Build Platform(Heat-bed) Aluminium Heatbed
Hot End E3D V5
Stepper Motors 42 Stepper Motors
Software Specifications
Software Replicator G Simplify 3D(optional)
File Format Gcode
Operating Systems Linux OSX and Windows
Temperature Specifications
Nozzle Temperature 190-210C(Max 230C)
Heating Bed Temperature 60C(Max 110C)
Electrical Specifications
AC Input 110 AND 250V(optional) 50/60Hz 4.0A (input)
Power Requirements 350W
Connectivity USB  LCD display and SD card reader
Electronics Specifications
Electronics Sailfish firmware.
Physical Dimensions specifications
Net Weight 14 Kg
Shipping Box Weight 28 Kg
Machine Size 49 x 47 x 41cm; w/cover 49x47x60cm
Shipping Box Size 57x43x54cm

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