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World’s First 3D Printed Bridge is now open for public

Feb 04 Posted By: Oscar Medina 0

The 3D Printed Bridge is designed by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in collaboration with Enrico Dini, a pioneer in giant 3D-printing techniques

Worlds First 3D Printed Remotely operated underwater vehicle

Jan 29 Posted By: Lee Drake 0

Whoever penned the phrase “ Sky is the limit” had no clue that one day it would be easier to reach to the sky and beyond, than reaching the depth of our planets oceans. There are many places inside our oceans that we have not been able to explore yet, but things could soon change with some help with 3d printing

Cuteness personified with 3d printed Baby Groot but where is it now ?

Jan 05 Posted By: Lee Drake 0
Cuteness personified with 3d printed Baby Groot but where is it now ?

The 3d printing community went berserk and the facebook community members started posting images of the 3D printed Baby Groot. But all like good things this had to end and the user removed the free download link and posted this message

3D Printing when used to create custom tools could help Farmers

Jan 03 Posted By: Silvia Garzia 0

This is yet another example of how 3d printing can change the way we live, its also a perfect lesson for people who are interested in the technology

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