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Secrets of Ceramic 3D Printing

Oct 26 Posted By: Chris Coleman Times Read: 9521 0

Ceramic 3D Printing has been around for a few years now, however we hardly get to hear about it. Let’s try to see explore some lesser known facts about this kind of 3D Printing and ponder over its potentials

3D Printable Halloween party props and costume ideas

Oct 17 Posted By: Patrick Giles Times Read: 2380 0

Halloween is just around the corner and there is a huge rush at stores which are selling costumes and props for the same. According to some industry analyst this year will be the best ever for the businesses selling Halloween related stuff. To put things down statistically, 157 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2015 and the number is certain to grow this year.

Microsoft Paintbrush to Include 3D Designing

Oct 13 Posted By: Patrick Giles Times Read: 2165 0
Microsoft Paintbrush to Include 3D Designing

Over the past few years we have concluded that 3D Printing is not a one hit wonder but a very versatile and robust technology that has the potential to change the way we make and sell products. Like any other technology 3d printing comes with its opportunities and challenges and if it has to be used as a replacement for the traditional manufacturing processes it would need to address its challenges as quickly as possible.

3D Printing Powers Honda’s New EV

Oct 07 Posted By: Cosimo Orban Times Read: 1826 0

3D printing has proven to be a powerful ally for the automotive industry, constantly bringing innovation in a field where things have been moving in new and interesting directions. Additive manufacturing has been capable of creating whole, carbon fiber cars like the Blade supercar as well as end-product components and full parts like the Volkswagen cylinder block. Its ability to recreate and customize shapes to fulfill different needs for function and aesthetics has been the key factor of the technology’s growth

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