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New invention from 3D Printed Fish Fossil

Oct 03 Posted By: Cosimo Orban Times Read: 1663 0

Evolution is arguably the most solid theory in modern biology. It has represented the foundation of biological research for centuries now and it’s still the basis over which many present day discoveries are made. Take the human teeth for example: its usefulness is undeniably linked to our evolution as a big, solid food churning species and its appearance is a solid indicator of the evolution of biological processes throughout species. Previous methods of food deconstruction involved a sandpaper like mouth but the Placoderms, a group of fish living some 400 million years ago are believed to be the first to exhibit bony jaw structures. It was thought that these fish had what you’d call “real teeth” but recent analysis from the Australian National University, which employed 3D printing and 3D scanning of a Buchanosteus fish fossil revealed evidence that the group could have represented a transitional link.

RIO Furniture Uses Algorithms and 3DPrinting for UniqueDesign

Oct 01 Posted By: Cosimo Orban Times Read: 3295 0

3D printing and design go hand in hand, more than one time showing incredible geometries and forms as a result of the augmented design liberty.The newest proponent is a collaboration between Studio INTEGRATE and Morgan Studio to design and manufacture a series of table and chairs named RIO, empowered by 3D printing to create mathematically generated shapes to obtain unique elements each time. The final pieces are a unique merge of traditional furniture craft and advanced manufacturing.

New 3D Printed Gun Joins the Ranks: the Songbird

Sep 29 Posted By: Cosimo Orban Times Read: 7726 1

The 3D printed gun “problem” is a seemingly unending social preoccupation which has plagued the additive manufacturing community since its conception. While it is true that 3D printed weaponry pose problems in certain cases (such as war manufacturing using stolen designs by the enemy), the technology is still very finicky, unfit for production and, more importantly, still falling under current “normal” gun restrictions.

Światowid is Poland’s First 3D Printed Nanosatellite

Sep 27 Posted By: Cosimo Orban Times Read: 2044 0

Polad has made a name for itself as a leading nation in 3D printing companies making a mark in the industry, Zortrax and many others promising startups. Recently, polish company SatRevolution revealed plans to launch the nation’s first service for private and commercial nanosatellites called Światowid, powered by 3D printing.

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