Guillermo Valentinuz   Verified Buyer on  28/05/2017

Robust chassis, good quality of electronic components. I already assembled, but not print yet but asume good quality of the components assure bests results. Good and quick delivery. Well done 3D printers bay

Dave Burton   Verified Buyer on  28/05/2017

It's a very huge & fast printer. The design is robust and the mount is easy as the tricky parts are already assembled. Easy to put together
Prints like a dream!! Reasonably priced considering Auto calibration,Print speed ,Large build size .

Jeremy Baker   Verified Buyer on  11/04/2017

Best quality CNC Parts I have found in the consumer level 3D printer. Large build volume makes this a really enticing printer. Initial build and the Calibrations are a cake walk!

Nathan Williams   Verified Buyer on  23/01/2017

I tested my money on this TEVO Delta .The machine is CNC industrial build with all the open-source quality. Rock solid in printing reliability and very high constant quality.High speed and precision. Easy of use and great satisfaction. Great buy for value. Ordered my second unit!! Strongly recommended this