The Tevo Tornado is a great printer for the price. It came very well packaged and was easy to set up. The print quality was amazing once I got the settings tuned and it also can print quite fast. The AC heated bed is a big plus as it heats up to 80 degrees C in about 1 minute and the plastic sticks to it well and comes off easily when the bed has cooled. The all-metal frame of the printer seems to be very good quality and I have not had any quality issues with any part of this printer yet. The Tevo Titan extruder is easy to use and it works very well. I haven't notice any salmon skin on my prints so far and the layers come out very nicely aligned unlike some other printers I have tried.

I can highly recommend the Tevo Tornado to anyone wanting a large build volume 3D printer for a very low price and I can recommend 3DPrintersBay for having the lowest price for this printer and free shipping

Manfred 13/08/2019


I want to thank everybody for their patience and dealing with my emails and questions. My son, father, and I are going into our second week of 3D printing and we couldn't be more excited. The printer has been printing pretty much non-stop since we got it. I have to say the print quality is impressive.

Thanks again :)


Paul 21/03/2019

My anticipation of my first printer was dampered because I recieved my printer 20 days after I orderd it which is over what the web site suggested. That being said, I Set it up and did the fine tuning I needed and started printing.

I have a lot to learn, but that is the chalange part I was looking for. I still need to learn a lot about settings for slicing. I am excited and happy this is the printer I was hoping for. I have read about people having trouble removing a print, The new glass surface works so well if you let it cool, the print just lifts right off. Great !! I would recommend this printer and also 3D Printers Bay.

Ken Mason 01/02/2019

First I would like to say the delivery time on the website is not accurate it to 20 days to receive my printer. With that said they were always very responsive to my emails. The printer is great it took about 30 minutes to assemble had trouble with material sticking to bed but applied glue stick worked great.

Donald Blondell 30/01/2019

My tornado was printing great right out of the box.Pla, petg, and tpu so far, working on an enclosure right now to do some abs.

had mine in 4 days just check the mechanics + adjust your vrefs and you can start on your calibration prints to fine tune it.

Pat Dean 03/07/2018

Printer arrived at time, good packaging, setup was fairly easy. The Tornado test print is hardly to remove from the bed sheet. I had to remove it from the bed before starting to print. So now I'm without this sheet.

In overall I'm happy with purchase.

Alex 05/06/2018

It took a month to get because of part unavailability !!! But was so worth the wait. I thought the anticipation was going to kill me and I would be disappointed, boy was I wrong. This is my first attempt at 3D printing and Tevo couldn't have made it easier.Very happy and can't stop printing.

Daniel 17/05/2018

First printer and couldn't be more happier it s working great. Can t stop printing every second I've got . Amazing

Jean-Francois Burton 20/04/2018

This is my first time owning a 3D printer, assembly took 20 minutes and I directly printed the included spool holder, no problems at all. Then I followed the instuctions and I setup repetier and printed my first benchy. The quality was decent but alot of stringing. After tinkering with some settings the print quality is now amazing and the stringing is gone.So overall I recommend this printer for first time owners and I am pretty satisfied

Patrick 21/03/2018

I love this printer! Completely satisfied with it overall. It’s my second 3D printer, the Tevo Tarantula was my first. The Tevo lineup is great! I’m definitely purchasing a Tevo Little Monster soon as well! Happy printing!

Randy Roberts 17/03/2018

Printer arrived fairly quick. Setup was super easy. Started printing in about an hour.

Jeff Daniels 07/02/2018

Shipping was little longer than expected, but the packaging was phenomenal with the printer well protected with lots of foam. Easy to step up and the prints turned out great right out of the box with little calibration. The build plate heats up very fast and can handle high printing speeds. It is quiet while printing--so worth the wait on shipping. AMAZING PRINTER !!!

Nathan 30/01/2018

This is one awesome printer right out of the box. It started printing excellent it needed no adjustments it was calibrated perfect. I installed TL smothers and no more salmon skin. Thanks for such a great product

Gary Carter 17/12/2017

Honestly to anyone having doubts it's a fantastic printer once setup, it's worth the wait!

While we are both complete newbies I think we're starting to get the hang of it! For the most part I've been using it to print miniatures for my current D&D game, plus those two sanding tools as well, there is definitely room for improvement but I'm really happy with the results so far!

Steve 09/12/2017

Im really happy and really cant mess up this printer. no imperfections or blemishes. i have not seen any salmon skin on my prints so far

Gary Couts 07/12/2017