Printer worked within an hour out of the box. Some problems encountered only after about 20 hours of total printing: The print shifted almost an inch about 2 hours into a 6 hour print. After checking on YouTube, it appeared that the x-motor power input was way too low which was likely causing the plate to not advance at one point. We reset it by adjusting the pot to about 3 times the voltage and it appears to be working ok now. This is something Tevo should check before sending the printers out. Also thinking about adding auto-leveling. The software could be upgraded to show the time left to print, rather than the time printed so far. Other than those few things, so far, so good considering the bargain price.

Chuck Verified purchase 01/10/2017

This printer is working very nice. The layers are extremely smooth & accurate due to flattness of the build surface. I still think Tevo should go MKS GEN v1.4 with TMC 2130S as an option just to stay ahead of the competition

Dave Verified purchase 28/09/2017

Fantastic printer well done ! Every thing I'm throwing at it it's just doing it every time cleanly.Overall it is a good quality kit with some major improvements on the CR-10

Jason Verified purchase 19/09/2017