Randy Roberts   Verified Buyer on  17/03/2018

I love this printer! Completely satisfied with it overall. It’s my second 3D printer, the Tevo Tarantula was my first. The Tevo lineup is great! I’m definitely purchasing a Tevo Little Monster soon as well! Happy printing!

Jeff Daniels   Verified Buyer on  07/02/2018

Printer arrived fairly quick. Setup was super easy. Started printing in about an hour.

Nathan   Verified Buyer on  30/01/2018

Shipping was little longer than expected, but the packaging was phenomenal with the printer well protected with lots of foam. Easy to step up and the prints turned out great right out of the box with little calibration. The build plate heats up very fast and can handle high printing speeds. It is quiet while printing--so worth the wait on shipping. AMAZING PRINTER !!!

Gary Carter   Verified Buyer on  17/12/2017

This is one awesome printer right out of the box. It started printing excellent it needed no adjustments it was calibrated perfect. I installed TL smothers and no more salmon skin. Thanks for such a great product

Steve   Verified Buyer on  09/12/2017

Honestly to anyone having doubts it's a fantastic printer once setup, it's worth the wait!
While we are both complete newbies I think we're starting to get the hang of it! For the most part I've been using it to print miniatures for my current D&D game, plus those two sanding tools as well, there is definitely room for improvement but I'm really happy with the results so far!