Daniel   Verified Buyer on  17/05/2018

It took a month to get because of part unavailability !!! But was so worth the wait. I thought the anticipation was going to kill me and I would be disappointed, boy was I wrong. This is my first attempt at 3D printing and Tevo couldn't have made it easier.Very happy and can't stop printing.

Jean-Francois Burton   Verified Buyer on  20/04/2018

First printer and couldn't be more happier it s working great. Can t stop printing every second I've got . Amazing

Patrick   Verified Buyer on  21/03/2018

This is my first time owning a 3D printer, assembly took 20 minutes and I directly printed the included spool holder, no problems at all. Then I followed the instuctions and I setup repetier and printed my first benchy. The quality was decent but alot of stringing. After tinkering with some settings the print quality is now amazing and the stringing is gone.So overall I recommend this printer for first time owners and I am pretty satisfied

Randy Roberts   Verified Buyer on  17/03/2018

I love this printer! Completely satisfied with it overall. It’s my second 3D printer, the Tevo Tarantula was my first. The Tevo lineup is great! I’m definitely purchasing a Tevo Little Monster soon as well! Happy printing!

Jeff Daniels   Verified Buyer on  07/02/2018

Printer arrived fairly quick. Setup was super easy. Started printing in about an hour.