Dan Casciano   Verified Buyer on  29/11/2018

I purchased this printer because it was recommended by a student who took a 3D printing workshop at our local Maker Hub. He indicated it was easy to use and had been extremely reliable under greater than normal use. I confirmed his observations. It was easy to set up and my first couple of prints (all I’ve done so far) were great. I particularly like the ultrabase. So far it has performed as predicted. Also, I liked the price. I recommend this printer those who wish to get inti 3D printing and to those who have already begun appreciating the science of 3D printing.

Michal   Verified Buyer on  14/11/2018

I highly recommend this printer, arrived on time!

Steve   Verified Buyer on  14/11/2018

This is my first 3D printer, and I am very new to 3D printing. Assembly was very quick and straightforward; setup was equally painless. We had the test print going within a couple of hours.

I downloaded the latest version of Cura for Mac; the Anycubic i3 Mega was one of the available printers, which means that there were preloaded profiles with all of the required settings for our printer. We have successfully printed several items using PLA and TPU flexible filament with equally pleasing results.

The Ultrabase is great to use as I have had no need for painter's tape or glue sticks...just allow the bed to cool after printing and the object can be easily removed.

Overall, this is an excellent printer for a beginner like me and I continue to be impressed with the quality of product it provides. I would recommend.

Sandro   Verified Buyer on  12/11/2018

My first order. Very good experience. Great support and fast delivery. Good experience and I recommend. About the product, very easy to assemble and good documentation. Additional spares included.

Andrey   Verified Buyer on  21/10/2018

For those who do not much understand the assembly and configuration, this 3D printer is suitable, after 15 minutes you can print.