Dave   Verified Buyer on  21/08/2018

The printer arrived in good condition. Everything worked as expected. Assembly was quick, and the bed height calibration was a short process. I was able to make my first print within an hour of receiving the printer. The only issue that I found with my printer was that the bottom cover was installed with the blank area directly over the stepper motor cooling fan, which would significantly decrease air flow. I drilled two new holes for the mid way screws on the long side and re-installed the cover so that vent slots were over the cooling fan. I have printed over one roll of filament without issue. A great printer for a very good price!

Alex   Verified Buyer on  21/08/2018

Order and shipping were really fast and as promised.
Unfortunately I got a broken main switch and could not test it yet. Service from anycubic is also very friendly and they sent me a new one.
Will rate the printer as Sion as i got it printing.
Thank you

Mario   Verified Buyer on  21/08/2018

My first order here. So I was very excited. Very fast shipping and a really good value for money. The printer was well packed and ready to print in under 15 minutes (5 minutes for my handmade espresso). The print quality out of the box was very good. After one week I had an issue with the filament transport gear, because the spring is very strong, so sometimes the gear scratches and wear trough the filament. A couple days ago I upgraded the printer with an Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint. Works fine over Wifi.

Ghanem AlShammari   Verified Buyer on  15/07/2018

The handle was very sophisticated and the delivery speed was thankful from the heart

Tom   Verified Buyer on  06/07/2018

I am impressed with this awesome printer! This is my second printer, the first was a kit in 2015 or so. I did not want to build a kit, so I ordered this one. The setup took about 10 minutes and was very easy. The printer has not had any nozzle jams or any major issues. I have been able to make awesome prints and wish this was my first printer. This printer make printing fun again.