Pavel   Verified Buyer on  21/03/2018

This was my first printer. It was super easy to set it up and be ready to print within minutes. The quality of the prints, after leveling, was good. Though admittedly I am new to this so I have nothing to compare it to. The only issue I had with this purchase was the USB stick provided was corrupt (cheap quality). After I bought a new USB (that could accept a chip) from BestBuy everything ran smoothly.

Seth   Verified Buyer on  17/03/2018

I3 Mega is a brilliant printer and backed up by all the brilliant reviews. Just check out YouTube and Google!

Been using mine for 4 months nonstop, no issues and stunning quality

c.bennett   Verified Buyer on  15/03/2018

well had the mega for a week now. Ran it for five days straight. Had it up and running in about an hour. This is my first 3D printer and it is pretty easy to use. I will buy another one when I am ready to produce larger prints. I will also use printersbay again. I had a very positive experience. Thanks guys.

Nicklas   Verified Buyer on  07/02/2018

The 3d printer arrived after just 1 week.Very simple to assemble and start printing with bundled Cura software.Had problems when trying to print with latest Cura ver. 3.1 but after i downloaded ver.2.7 it has worked flawless.
Very impressed by this stable printer.

Eric   Verified Buyer on  05/02/2018

My purchase has been a positive experience. The shipping was faster than I expected. I appreciated the email status updates as the order was processed.

The Anycubic i3 Mega printer I ordered works very well. I had a hot end fail after about 2 weeks, but since a spare was included I was able to get it running again quickly.