Erick Reid   Verified Buyer on  18/02/2018

This is my first printer and to be honest... My cousin has a prusa i3 and he's so pissed at me because I'm getting better print quality. I love it it's an experience every time I turn it on!

Richard Harvey   Verified Buyer on  10/01/2018

This is the first 3D printer I have ever had, and it is so easy to get started. it took me about twenty minutes to get it ready for printing.
and the print quality was better than I expected. I have know got used to it know and I could not wish for better.
Regards Richard.........................................

Nicholas   Verified Buyer on  09/10/2017

Any 3d printer has a learning curve even the prusa
But the cr10s delivers great quality and offers a huge build area. With upgrades like the e3d v6 available you can mod yourself one hell of a printer.
Ive added a bl touch and ramps to mine and now it levels by itself and I get great prints

Jonathan Jenkins   Verified Buyer on  04/10/2017

No wonder why this is the best 3d printer on the market now. Very fast shipping to US !! . technically sound in all aspects with respect to Print size, Print quality,Machine reliability & scalability in upgrades. Could not suggest a better printer for the price

James   Verified Buyer on  03/10/2017

I am very happy with this printer and experimented with a lot of materials. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking to get one or upgrades.I'll probably start modding one at some point