Jeff Le Riche   Verified Buyer on  20/08/2017

Fast shipping, had no dramas with any of my questions being answered and everything I ordered arrived. Standard packaging. When you receive this printer make sure to check everything as nothing is perfect in this world and Creality's quality control is not as good as it was initially. Still the best printer in its class and would recommend 3dPrintersbay if you want it fast. 10days to NZ

Ian Turner   Verified Buyer on  15/08/2017

Super fast delivery to Australia, 7 days. Easy assembly. I am very happy so far with the CR-10 after 2 week of use. I am a newbie to 3D printing so still learning but results so far have been excellent, great detail in prints. My 3D PrintersBay purchase process could not have been better, direct supply of printer from Creality 3D Technology out of China was really fast. I would recommend using this site to anyone. Thank You.

Dave Cutler   Verified Buyer on  02/08/2017

My CR-10 arrived about two weeks after the order was placed. It arrived in perfect condition. I'm having some minor issues with it (part of the learning curve), but very happy with it to date and very much looking forward to creating my own prints.

Shawn Shepherd   Verified Buyer on  30/07/2017

I received my CR-10 yesterday and it is printing as I write this! As someone new to 3d printing, it wasn't as difficult to get started as I thought. There are so many helpful tutorials online and the folders, files and tools sent with the printer help as well. I recommend this to anyone looking for a bit of a challenge and wanting to learn bit about the technical side. It prints perfectly. Thanks for the fast service. Shawn Victoria BC Canada

Steve Schnelz   Verified Buyer on  10/04/2017

Great printer. Have had it running almost continuously for the last 45 days and have had no trouble. Level the bed and let it rip. I have had a few issues with nozzle clogs and extruder gear fouling (usually related) but other than that it has been bulletproof. Very large build volume and I am putting together a bigger bed and longer Y axis linear actuator and plan on expanding to 300x400x400.