Ashley   Verified Buyer on  19/10/2018

Nice quick shipping, I didn't expect it to arrive so soon.
The printer itself is pretty good, taken a bit to get the hang of, and some dumb mistakes on my part (very happy they give you a spare sheet for the resin tray) but I've had a blast printing.

Edgar   Verified Buyer on  14/10/2018

Amazing product, I will love if this company makes a bigger one next time, maybe using a tablet screen.

Jason H   Verified Buyer on  22/08/2018

I'm really pleased with my photon. The print quality is off the charts! Calibration and cleanup is easy and the slicing software is decent.

You can't go wrong with this printer for the money.

Filipe   Verified Buyer on  11/07/2018

Quick and easy, fast shipping, good support and the packaging was quite robust.

Leslie Price   Verified Buyer on  04/07/2018

Im really starting to favour resin printing.If you need extreme resolution and quality it's worth the 'effort'. Honestly my photon printer has been much more reliable and easier to use than my FFF printers.
The ease of use, speed - when printing multiple models at once-DLP, accuracy is amazing. no heated beds or awkward levelling to deal with.
With respect to the smell The anycubic stuff isn't that bad and seemingly other resin brands have almost no smell at all. I'd still recommend some ventilation.
As long as the fumes can escape and be replaced with fresh air you should be ok