Otis   Verified Buyer on  27/06/2018

I absolutely love this printer! The quality is amazing and the ease of use is perfect, it works 99% of the time and the times that it doesn’t work or has a failed print is almost always due to my own mistake.

James   Verified Buyer on  26/06/2018

You guys need to get a photon!!
I'm blown away that a €400 machine can do this. Haven't got a D7 but this is Plug n play. Not tethered. Better support. Better slicer. Higher quality prints from what I hear from owners of both d7 and photon machines. It's an amazing little machine

Dana   Verified Buyer on  15/05/2018

My first printer and I love it! Took a bit to get the first print right, but was able to get it down. Amazing detail and product!

Michael   Verified Buyer on  23/04/2018

Verry good and fast shipping thank you

Sylvester   Verified Buyer on  06/04/2018

Photon was my first printer and I think it's okay. Probably higher learning curve for a beginner, but if you're into miniatures or want something really high resolution, it's been fantastic so far