Sylvester   Verified Buyer on  06/04/2018

Photon was my first printer and I think it's okay. Probably higher learning curve for a beginner, but if you're into miniatures or want something really high resolution, it's been fantastic so far

Hendri   Verified Buyer on  05/04/2018

Very happy !! It works great and the price was amazing. Thank you

Bjoern Brauel   Verified Buyer on  26/03/2018

Took a little longer to receive the unit, however I have to say I am more than impressed by the print quality of this device, unless you need larger print volumes, this is the perfect company to a larger Filament based printer to add these extra special parts with highes precision and strength. Much recommended !!

Abel Griffith   Verified Buyer on  18/03/2018

I love it! Easy to use, and smell wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Amazing print quality! I am printing voxel models I created in MagicaVoxel and the edges are clean and sharp. So very happy with our Photon so far!

Geoffrey   Verified Buyer on  17/03/2018

Got it two days ago. Love it so far! Just printed the photon cube included on the usb stick. Results where great and I’m impressed by the accuracy of this printer.

I love the simple design and low number of components on this machine which makes it very easy to maintain. It’s truly amazing for its price and to me it makes more sense than Formlabs or projection DLP printers. Form 2 laser has a spot size of 140um compared to the 50um pixel size of the Anycubic Photon.

It remains to be seen what the actual line resolution of the printer is but so far it looks promising