Tom Marra   Verified Buyer on  10/03/2018

This is my first 3D printer, so take this with grain of salt. The print quality on this machine is excellent. The setup is as easy as advertised, and the machine works great. That said there's a few things to keep in mind. While the slicer software is very quick it is also currently fairly limited. It's a closed source machine so you'll have to work with it. It took me about a week of failures to dial in my resin, but now I'm getting good results every time. Be aware that you might want to invest in some UV blocking film for the windows as they do leak some ambient UV light.

Overall I'm quite happy with my purchase, and have been very pleased with Anycubic & 3dPrinter's bay support.

Joel Gordon   Verified Buyer on  16/02/2018

I am wildly impressed with this machine. I have 2 formlabs and I was looking for a less expensive alternative for a backup printer. I really purchased it as an experiment. That said, the prints were phenomenal right out of the box. The directions were easy to follow and setup was fast. The slicer tool is easy to understand and runs well. All in all I am very impressed.