George   Verified Buyer on  10/09/2018

This is my first 3D printer!
The assembly was very easy and quick!
I had some test runs for my first print and here is my first benchy!
Don't forget that this benchy is 2.5cm long!
I am very pleased!

ABC   Verified Buyer on  04/09/2018

I'm really happy with this printer. It's my 3rd 3D printer. Had an M3D Cube and an Anycubic i3 prior to buying this one. Easy to assemble what needed assembling and bed leveling was nice and easy. Been printing with it for about a week now and can find no real faults with it. Good deal at a good price!

Olivier   Verified Buyer on  24/07/2018

Very good printer !
I already have a cr 10 s, but this ender 3 is better for a lot of reasons :
+ easy to mount and compact (1h is enough)
+ the hot bed is very very fast to heat up (24V and smaller surface compared to 12V)
+ the ender 3 is relatively silent enough to avoid fan replacement
+ the bed levelling is easy and the 'build taq like' surface has a good adherence
+ the print quality seems better with the same PLA and same objects

The only interest for cr 10 s is the large print surface (and height).

Reece   Verified Buyer on  24/07/2018

Kit showed up in about 3 days, had the machine up and running within 90 minutes. I was able to print high definition Thanos statue without tuning the machine at all on day 2. Very pleased with my purchase and their price was cheaper than anyone else that could get it to me in a reasonable time frame.

Cecil Denney   Verified Buyer on  17/07/2018

I have paid as much as $1000 for a 3D Printer in the past. It was not worth the price. More recently I purchased one for $300. Much better, but still did not print to the specifications I needed. The Ender 3 I purchased for just over $200 has been by far the best 3D printer I have owned. The kit was easy to put together, the instructions clear. I helped that the base plate was already assembled. I have been printing almost nonstop since I purchased it three weeks ago. I am VERY pleased.