Darrel   Verified Buyer on  05/07/2018

I am blown away at what the Ender 3 is able to pull off. I took first print out of the box with no settings changes. It's a very good printer. Fast shipping. Extremely satisfied.

Karl Reed   Verified Buyer on  03/07/2018

I'm super impressed with my Ender 3 . Yesterday I installed some cheap stepper motor dampers. It's amazing. the thing is silent apart from fans! Also used some magnets to attach a glass bed and get glassy smooth bottom layers (needed for a project).

Sn4kedoc7or   Verified Buyer on  26/05/2018

Here ist a little Reviews


Yoan   Verified Buyer on  23/05/2018

Great price for a great printer, thank you !
Fast mount and first print without any problems. This printer is directly fully usable !
Glad to deal with you !

Sn4kedoc7or   Verified Buyer on  20/05/2018

The Printer arrived after 2,5 Weeks (to Germany), what complety ok is. The Package was peferct guarded of the espuma. The Printer get fast to build but should take your time for the Build, to do it correct. After the first Calibration i printed without Problems. I really like the filament change feature! Creality livered with the Ender 3 an awesome Printer for this Price. I think i oder a second one, at 3dprintersbay. Perfect service to an unbeatable Price. Great thank you !