Haiden   Verified Buyer on  17/07/2018

Quick delivery and a really good price. Highly recommend!!!!!

Darrel   Verified Buyer on  05/07/2018

I am blown away at what the Ender 3 is able to pull off. I took first print out of the box with no settings changes. It's a very good printer. Fast shipping. Extremely satisfied.

Karl Reed   Verified Buyer on  03/07/2018

I'm super impressed with my Ender 3 . Yesterday I installed some cheap stepper motor dampers. It's amazing. the thing is silent apart from fans! Also used some magnets to attach a glass bed and get glassy smooth bottom layers (needed for a project).

Sn4kedoc7or   Verified Buyer on  26/05/2018

Here ist a little Reviews


Yoan   Verified Buyer on  23/05/2018

Great price for a great printer, thank you !
Fast mount and first print without any problems. This printer is directly fully usable !
Glad to deal with you !