Carl   Verified Buyer on  20/05/2018

Amazed they delivered quick. It's definitely a cheaper printer getting amazing results with the stock but overall it's VERY consistent, dead-simple to setup, and giving unbelievable results for the price

Robert   Verified Buyer on  12/05/2018

I had some hesitation in ordering. I read some bad reviews. But I couldn't beat the price. Lead time puts it a month away. I'm fine with that. So I ordered it on a Monday. It's early Saturday morning and sitting on my kitchen table. As far as I'm concerned 3D printers bay is golden. Printer is awesome. Nothing like that fresh from China smell you get on opening.

Filipe   Verified Buyer on  03/05/2018

Came well shipped and it was fast considering it was a pre order. Recommend!

Joe   Verified Buyer on  26/04/2018

This is one of the easiest builds on a diy kit I have. It took about 2 hrs to assemble and that wad taking my time to make sure things were proper. It has given me good results on quality prints. I will be using this printer alot.

Colin Hill   Verified Buyer on  02/04/2018

Definitely it's going to be a workhorse 3D Printer for the price & features loaded..Just purchased couple of units. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Have had a pretty good experience from them previously for my Ender 2 here.