Colin Hill   Verified Buyer on  02/04/2018

Definitely it's going to be a workhorse 3D Printer for the price & features loaded..Just purchased couple of units. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Have had a pretty good experience from them previously for my Ender 2 here.

Nicholas   Verified Buyer on  01/04/2018

This could be an extraordinary printer for the price. Heated bed on this little printer. Fantastic !

Miller   Verified Buyer on  31/03/2018

I just pulled the trigger. Their ender series printers have deserved lot of support & trust to make up for any short comings it may have.

Tyler Cruz   Verified Buyer on  31/03/2018

Looks pretty decent for $189. I think I shall wait for the reviews but if this emerges better than the Anet A8/similar for the same price I'll surely pick one up.

Neal   Verified Buyer on  28/03/2018

Pretty sweet build volume for its size!. Ordered 3. hell yeah. I3's are going to cry now :-)

I have 9 Ender 2's best damned printer money can buy. Ender 2 has a great reputation so if its the same platform with more support, it would presumably not be any worse than that.