Gregory Lee   Verified Buyer on  24/03/2018

I purchase this printer with all of the bells and it has been GREAT!!! This is my second 3d printer and the service and prompt delivery of 3D Printers Bay has been first class. The printer was packed in an extremely tough box and every part of the printer was supported and padded. The 2 heads have been great and the bed leveling program is by far the best I have seen. It took me about an hour to put everything together. The prints are coming out GREAT!!!

Tom   Verified Buyer on  20/02/2018

Solid printer for those supersized models. I’m so happy to have my Formbot T-Rex 2+ with Keenovo running I got it all SSR dialed in found my feet and just started to experience the greatness of this printer

Justin   Verified Buyer on  26/01/2018

I just received the printer and I’m working to get it all set up.
The printer looks pretty straight forward. You guys did a great job in the build.
Looking forward in getting some prints here soon. I noticed your board is a custom ATmega board. Very nicely done by the way.

Daniel   Verified Buyer on  26/01/2018

I am amazed with its excellent surface finish. love it I am currently using duplicate mode to pump out skull planter pots. T-Rex 2+ is possibly the best dual extruder system on the market currently and the build space is massive!! its truly one of a kind! love the t-rex 2+!!

Gordon   Verified Buyer on  21/10/2017

Fantastic thank you , Printer was delivered on time , was extremely well packed , and the order was complete.

Good support and communication via email and on the Formbot Forum.

Extremely happy

Best Regards