Rob M   Verified Buyer on  29/03/2017

Great printer. This was easy to assemble and works well so far. I've only had it setup for a week, but I'm quite happy with it to date.

Paul Ahlbrandt Jr.   Verified Buyer on  08/01/2017

Well I will start by saying it is my first printer. So take what I will say knowing I am not an expert.

As it is, the machine has been great so far. There are quirks here and there but having a basic level of programming knowledge, be mechanically inclined and tech savvy then there isn't much you can't get past. Where you are weak there is usually help here from the community.

The machine is built solidly and so far have produced a few great looking prints. While the machine is important for prints, the slicer settings are really where the icing on the cake comes from. The machine is really just what limits your settings and the Trex 2 has everything you need to make beautiful prints or quickly make less appealing but functional ones.

Harry Mason   Verified Buyer on  23/12/2016

Easily the best large 3d printer I've encountered. Not budget, but great value for its price. Very versatile and expandable, with an active community and great support

Frank DeStefano   Verified Buyer on  23/11/2016

I am not real familiar with 3D printing. 3D Printers was very supportive and helped me get the machine assembled correctly. When it didn't print properly they established a skype link with me from oversees and immediately knew what the problem was. They were very patient to answer all of my questions. When it didn't work at first I was very concerned they would not support their product. But they communicated with me 3 days in a row and more by email until the machine was working properly. I am very happy with the purchase.

Thomas   Verified Buyer on  07/11/2016

I must admit that i am pleased with this great product and my purchase here .Amazing results,. My unit shipped on its 15th Business day as described. I definitely recommend this valuable kit