Matt   Verified Buyer on  26/09/2016

There is character limit here otherwise I would write a whole paragraph! Just love this machine that much! Actually deserves 5-Stars!

I have 3 years of experience in this field and have extensive experience with a wide range of 3D printers including Printrbot, Ultimaker2 and Makerbot
All needs to be stepped down to Formbot!!

The design is rock solid
The quality of prints is breath-taking, especially with PLA
In these 3 months of purchase, there was not a single day when the nozzle choked
I can print in dual colors which is amazing!!!

James Lewis   Verified Buyer on  06/09/2016

T-Rex is a giant in all aspects, among many others the most impressive factor is the laser engraving function and dual zone heated bed. Both of these features make it a professional printer. It is essential to note that this printer has all the latest qualities and technicalities that are required. As a professional interior designer, I am able to create absolutely amazing furniture designs using the T-Rex. It takes a little glue and paste but it does the job. I am pleased with the results of this printer

Michelle R   Verified Buyer on  04/09/2016

The T-Rex does a massive job of printing high-quality parts. The giant built volume helps in creating massive masterpieces. My designing business has doubled since I purchased the T-Rex. It works almost on its own as it has excellent auto-levelling sensor, filament forewarning detector and dual zone heated bed. As a small business owner, I feel extremely at ease due to this giant machine. I would highly recommend it and also 3D Printers Bay

David Lee   Verified Buyer on  19/08/2016

I have experimented with wood, metal and other filaments, this works. The best feature is the dual zone heated bed. The temperature of the T-Rex can go really high and gives best results in quick time.

Alex Martin   Verified Buyer on  18/08/2016

Formbot T Rex is an astounding marvel to happen for a little time architect like me. I am getting high profits due this little wonder. Actually, it's quite gigantic. The high build-volume gives me a practical space to experiment and the engraving feature is the biggest highlight. The performance of TRex is super fast and goes way beyond its competitors