Loraine   Verified Buyer on  16/08/2016

T-Rex is a big promise that does have some really good points. I ordered the Formbot T Rex as my previous Prusa I3 had given up. My business has increased in recent years and so I wanted a better printer. This one seemed perfect as per the description. So, I purchased it. it is a high-performance machine

Tom Hansen   Verified Buyer on  15/08/2016

The FORMBOT T-Rex is a clone of the gCreate gMax 1.5XT. I LOVE mine and it works great

Cathy S   Verified Buyer on  14/08/2016

The customer service of 3D Printers Bay was exceptionally good as they quickly replaced the damaged piece. Now, for the Formbot T Rex, the wide-touch screen of 3.2 inches is the key to great design. There are no words to describe the performance levels of the T Rex. My 14 year old son has become a fan of this machine and has also started a successful online business of selling Pokemon Go gadgets. The print is super fine and highly professional. Laser engraving feature is the stand out one.

Molly C. Cleek   Verified Buyer on  13/08/2016

I was looking for a metal fill filament compatible 3D printer and the Formbot T Rex Plus NEW Large Format proved to be just what I was looking for. It is a fabulous printer even as it is expensive. Still, the build volume is giant and dual zone heated bed is a great advantage. The prints are of the required professional quality and it prints fast. Auto-bed levelling is a big relief.

Stewart   Verified Buyer on  12/08/2016

I received the Formbot T Rex Plus NEW Large as a gift on my wedding anniversary from my daughter. She was bored looking at me working on my old Wanhao. So, she brought me this one, which I thought was an expensive purchase. But this one is an easy to use printer and it does it’s job well. I like the quality and massive build volume. The touchscreen is responsive for a change and dual zone heated bed is the biggest highlight. .