Butler   Verified Buyer on  11/08/2016

This printer has a big build volume 400 x400 x 450 mm, does not make much noise while printing and gives more flexibility while choosing filaments. I found the Japanese NSK bearings to be of really high-grade. I don’t like China made parts or even bearings and Formbot T Rex scores big on quality. I think it is worth the price but don’t buy it if you are looking for small time use.

Cooper   Verified Buyer on  08/08/2016

Formbot T Rex Plus NEW Large is an expensive printer for it’s features. I purchased it because I wanted to get a high-quality printer as soon as possible for my projects. This is a hassle-free printer and it prints well but it’s not worth the price. Considering the price, they should have given more room for filament compatibility and at least a better touch screen. My friends Geeetech Semi-Assembled works as good as this one at it costs less than half-of-the price.

Darren   Verified Buyer on  30/07/2016

This is constrained to 1000 characters, else I could compose a short article on why this printer is great. I have 3 years involvement with 3D printers, I have broad involvement with an extensive variety of 3D printers including Printrbot, Ultimaker2, Makerbot, Wanhao, DaVinci and so forth. This is hands up the best 3D printer I have bought to date, I wish I could go into specifics on why it is. The client backings is the best i've encountered from any 3D printer organization. They went well beyond to get me setup. The configuration is rock strong and is astounding. The worth on this printer is AMAZING.