David Lee   Verified Buyer on  19/08/2016

I have experimented with wood, metal and other filaments, this works. The best feature is the dual zone heated bed. The temperature of the T-Rex can go really high and gives best results in quick time.

Alex Martin   Verified Buyer on  18/08/2016

Formbot T Rex is an astounding marvel to happen for a little time architect like me. I am getting high profits due this little wonder. Actually, it's quite gigantic. The high build-volume gives me a practical space to experiment and the engraving feature is the biggest highlight. The performance of TRex is super fast and goes way beyond its competitors

Loraine   Verified Buyer on  16/08/2016

T-Rex is a big promise that does have some really good points. I ordered the Formbot T Rex as my previous Prusa I3 had given up. My business has increased in recent years and so I wanted a better printer. This one seemed perfect as per the description. So, I purchased it. it is a high-performance machine

Tom Hansen   Verified Buyer on  15/08/2016

The FORMBOT T-Rex is a clone of the gCreate gMax 1.5XT. I LOVE mine and it works great

Cathy S   Verified Buyer on  14/08/2016

The customer service of 3D Printers Bay was exceptionally good as they quickly replaced the damaged piece. Now, for the Formbot T Rex, the wide-touch screen of 3.2 inches is the key to great design. There are no words to describe the performance levels of the T Rex. My 14 year old son has become a fan of this machine and has also started a successful online business of selling Pokemon Go gadgets. The print is super fine and highly professional. Laser engraving feature is the stand out one.