Ron   Verified Buyer on  08/01/2019

New to 3D printing. Setup was fast. Up and running in no time. Still exploring the capabilities of this printer.

The Coz   Verified Buyer on  29/12/2018

Easy to use and print quality is great! No complaints!!!

Williams   Verified Buyer on  19/12/2018

I have both CR-10S and CR-10S Pro. My favorite is CR-10S Pro in terms of print quality and ease of use. Pro's are much quieter.

Jason Rugg   Verified Buyer on  17/12/2018

I love my pro, best printer I’ve ever worked with.

James Hobbs   Verified Buyer on  29/11/2018

This is a solid upgrade from the CR10s. The easy install of the unit is no more than tightening four screws. I did rotate the z motors, in the default position they knock up against the adjustment wheels. the touch screen is smooth and responsive. There was very little to do for me to level and then auto level the unit. I was up and running in about 15 minutes after assembly. the tool kit included is standard with the addition of a needle to help clean any clogs you may get. I do wish they had added an extra nozzle. though. The fans are WAY more quiet then the ones on the CR10 but still they could go lower I think.The bed was a perfect flat surface and the build plate so far has needed no addition help with sticking that first layer. I do wish or hope they come out with a smooth surface though. In all I think this is a 100 percent improvement of its predecessor.