• Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built

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Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built

The Austrailian designed and manufactured Wombot Exilis XL has aHUGE print volume. At 10″ x 10″ x 13″ it has a 39% larger print volume than anUltimaker 2 Extended! It is capable of printing down to 20 microns (with a.3 nozzle, .4 nozzle included with the printer). With it’s LCD screen and SDcard printing and an upgraded BLTouch autoleveling system The Wombot Exilis XLis the best value in 3D printing hand down

Wombot Exilis XL - 3D printer Highlights

Australian designed and made

Large build volume from the start - 250x250x320

Rather small footprint

50 micron layer resolution

Auto bed levelling


Can print ABS, PLA and other materials

Come fully assembled and ready to use

Australian made 3D printer

10"x10"x13" (250x250x320) Build Envelope

Auto bed levelling

Trapezoidal lead screw (no inferior threaded rods here)

Metal MK8 Extruder works up to 260C

Starter sample of high quality PLA filament included

RAMPS 1.4 Electronics

Comes with Borosilicate glass

Heat bed MK3 Aluminium Bed

GT2 Pulley's and Belts

110/240 (12V 20A) Watt high quality under desk power supply

True 50 micron (0.05mm) layer height - user can print even finer layers

Full Graphical LCD Interface with SD (print without a PC)

USB port for printing from PC

Firmware controlled ducted fan for PLA precision printing

0.40mm Hot End Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament (replaceable - can use 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5mm nozzles)

Built in belt tensioning system

Aluminium Extrusion 3030 Frame

Delrin Wheels (much smoother running and quieter compared to smooth rods)

Spool Holder

Very quiet

Print speed up to 100mm/s

Can print ABS, PLA and other materials

So the footprint of the printer is 53cm width and 42cm depth.

You need to allow for moving bed so total depth would be 55cm the height with the spool is 75cm

Come either with Australian or USA power lead. If you are outside these markets you will receive Australian plug lead.

Dual Extruder Upgrade for Wombot Exilis and Modus( 115 USD)

Upgrade option to Dual Extruder Head for all Wombot 3D Printers. Price includes fitting of dual head system during the manufacture of your Wombot as well as all additional components and firmware updates to accommodate the dual head

Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built
To people that have professional companies let me assure you- The Wombat line of printers DOES produce parts that are more than smooth enough and detailed enough for end use prototyping- anyone who says otherwise either doesn't know how to use it or doesn't use Simplify3d with it. If you're investing in this printer, remember to use a quality filament from Matterhackers or ColorFabb...pretty much don't cheap out on the quality. As long as you keep that in mind, AND BUY SIMPLIFY3D, this printer is a little workhorse that sits along side my Zortrax m200, Lulzbot 6, and others and performs AS WELL as they do.
Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built
I have 3 of these and love them! Mega high quality, and would seem no expense has been spared. Packaging was excellent and the custom logo on the Heated Bed is a nice touch. Highly recommended to do it right first time and not bother with Chinese junk kits!
Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built
Wombot XL's ability to print large parts is one of the reasons I bought it, it's its ability to produce fine details that I've come to appreciate the most about the printer.
Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built
When I saw the specifications of the Wombot, its price, and the reviews from the few who own one, I placed at order. The box arrived a couple weeks earlier than expected. I had to mount the filament roll, replace the 220 vac (Australian) power plug with an Edison 110 US vac plug; the power supply will accept 110 or 220. The SD card came pre-loaded with STL's to print. After reading everything I fired up the machine and was printing within 15 minutes. In the past 7 or 8 months, I've made a number of upgrades. But apparently so has Aurarum. I understand plastic parts (that were "printed" in PLA) are now injection molded ABS. Also the BLTouch sensor is standard now. Overall I'm very happy I've bought from Aurarum. The quality of the printer is (again IMHO) is better than anything else I've seen in the Atlanta GA area, it's the best example of what the RAMPS/Marlin stack can be. Regarding support: I haven't had any serious problems, so I haven't had to use Aurarum support. But owner, Aurimas Karosas, has made a point to contact me and make sure I was pleased with the printer.
Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built
I bought the Wombot as a second printer, expecting to get another work horse, what I actually got was something truly exceptional. Print quality is amazing right out of the box I can only imagine what it'll be like once I get it dialled in! .fff profiles for Curator and simplify3d are included on the SD card making setup as easy as 123. Build quality is second to none, this thing is rock solid and will outlast every other printer I own, in the unlikely event that there's a need to contact support the guys will bend over backward to help you, honestly the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere

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Wombot Exilis XL 3D printer 10"x10"x13" Australian made pre-built

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