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Creality Halot One Plus Resin 3D Printer

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Creality has spun a delightful twist with the new Halot one Plus 3D Printer, offering 172x102x160mm volume and a 4K LCD screen for upper-class prints. 4K LCD with 90% Precision Integral Light | Formidable 64-bit Creality Mainboard | 172x102x160mm Build Volume | Reinforced Z-axis Structure | 5-inch Touchscreen Interface | WIFI Connectivity

Creality Halot One Plus Top features:

  • 90% Precision Light Source with 4K Resolution LCD 
    • Unlike FDM 3D Printers there are far fewer parts that can be upgraded with resin 3D Printers. So, changing a critical part such as the light source is a high risk. However, Creality succeeded in achieving high reward for their new 120W power super spotlight and integral light system in the Halot One 3D Printer which the Halot One Plus has uniquely adapted for even more efficiency! This refraction and reflection-based system consists of 6 light sources capable of outputting 4500uw/cm2 and claims an impressive above 90% illumination uniformity. Compared to the 40W Parallel Matrixed UV Array, found in the LD series, the 120W Power Super Spotlight allows for faster and higher detailed prints when combined with the 7.9-inch Monochrome 4K LCD and powerful motherboard.
  • Reinforced Z-axis Structure 
    • The Halot One Plus 3D Printer offers 172x102x160mm build volume which gives you that extra bit of space for the bigger models you’re itching to print, while maintaining micron-level precision with its new 4K LCD. It’s only natural that a heavily reinforced dual linear z-axis guide rails and a dual ball and screw configuration come included in the Creality Halot One Plus. With this durability and stable machine body, this design nearly eliminates chance of backlash and smoothly moves the print platform. This allows your printer to achieve fantastic results we expect from a 4K LCD screen and integral light source.
  • 64-bit Creality Motherboard with WiFi
    • Creality has developed a powerful new motherboard for the Halot series The Halot One Plus motherboard features a formidable 64-bit ARM Cortex processor to provide faster processing times and ultimately faster printing speeds. An interesting addition to the Halot Series motherboard is the built-in WiFi. So, if you are tired of having to transfer files using a memory card, or you are away from your printer, then you can slice and send files to your Halot One Plus remotely using HALOTBOX. The WiFi capabilities also allow the Halot One Plus to perform Over-The-Air firmware updates at the touch of a button.
  • 5-inch Capacitive Touch Screen with Creality UI
    • Creality has recently started putting lots of effort into making their 3D Printers as user-friendly as possible, and the Halot One Plus is no different. Instead of the 3.5” or 4.3” Touchscreen found on the LD series the Halot One Plus features a large 5-inch Capacitive Touch Screen. This means that the interface is clearly visible and buttons are easier to press. To complement this display, Creality has released a new user interface that was designed for simple, responsive, and easy to navigate, while still providing access to all the features you need.
  • The Creality Halot One Plus is compatible with HALOTBOX, Chitubox and Lychee slicers

Creality Halot One Plus Tech specs

Manufacturer Creality 3D
Product nameHalot One Plus
Build Volume 172x102x160mm
Chassis Size (Desk Space Required) 236x243x418mm
3D Resin Compatibility 405nm UV Curable Resin
Extrusion/Curing Style Digital Light Processing: LCD Masking Technique
Extruder/Curing Assembly 120W Power Super Spotlight
Print Platform Levelling System Easy Manual Levelling
Printing Speed (layer) 1-4s/layer
XY Resolution 40 microns
Z Resolution (Layer Height) 10 microns
Z-axis Type Dual Linear Guide Rails + Ball Screw
LCD Projection Size 7.9-inch Monochrome 4K LCD (4320 x 2560 Resolution)
Motherboard / Primary Controller Creality 64-bit ARM Cortex-M4 Processor Motherboard
User Interface 5-inch HD Full-view Multi-touch Screen (Creality UI)
File Transfer Method USB disk | Creality Cloud | Halot Box WiFi
Compatible Slicers HALOTBOX Slicer | Lychee Slicer | Chitubox
Light Insulation Cover Blue UV Resistant Moulded Cover
Chassis Materials Aluminum Alloy
Distinct Features
  • 120W Integral Light Source with 90% Precision
  • Z-axis with Dual Linear Rails
  • Activated Carbon Air Filtration System
  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • WiFi Connectivity
Weight (Printer) 6.8kg
Weight (Package) 8.6kg
Power Supply Input AC 100-240V | 50/60Hz
Power Supply Output DC 24V

Creality Halot one plus, Package contents

Halot-One Plus Pre-AssembledPrinting Platform
Blue UV Resistant CoverResin Vat
16GB USB DrivePower Cable
Assorted AccessoriesInstruction Manual

Creality Halot one plus repository

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