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  • Brand: CREALITY 
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Creality LD-001

Creality LD-001 Highlights

  • LD – 001 is Creality’s first fully-enclosed 3D printer which makes use of LCD Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to deliver high quality prints. It is also a beautifully designed printer engineered with intuitive features that will get you printing with ease
  • Rapid Slicing Software - The Creator Slicer attached to the LD-001 is designed to provide a fast slicing service that puts the competition to shame. The LD-001 slices models 5 times faster than other slicing software!
  • Rapid screen changes - The LD-001 is equipped with a 2K LCD screen that can be changed with ease. The changing procedure is quick and easy for first time users!
  • An Intuitive Touchscreen - The 3.5 inch touch screen is an intuitive full-colour screen that gives you the monitoring and control tools for managing prints.
  • Automatic Levelling Platform - The LD-001 is equipped with a responsive, automatic leveling system designed to remove the guesswork from leveling procedures.
  • Ultra-high Precision for Industrial Application and Educational Purposes - truly great at 3D printing intricate models at a high resolution of 45um with accuracy
  • A print area of 220x240x30mm also provides enough space for bringing your conceptual models to life.
  • The Creality LD-001 gives you independence from a notebook or computer. This gives you more reliability and allows you to use your 3D printer where it is easiest and best to use. Ethernet, Wifi and a USB port give you the freedom to choose how to integrate your DLP 3D printer best into your network.
  • Equipped with an innovative, easy-to-fill and replaceable resin tank

What’s in the box

LD-001 3D Printer

Build platform

Instruction manual

250 ml LCD UV resin

Power supply

Tools for easy assembly

USB flash drive


Latex gloves

Filters for resin

FEP film

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Creality LD-001

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