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Creality Halot One Resin 3D Printer

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Top features of Creality Halot one:

  • The Halot One makes use of a self-developed integral 120W Power Super Spotlight light source
    • This refraction and reflection-based system consists of 6 light sources capable of outputting 3800uw/cm2 and claims an impressive above 80% illumination uniformity
    • Allows for faster and higher detailed prints when combined with the 5.96” Monochrome LCD and powerful motherboard
  • HALOTBOX Slicer Software
    • The slicing software developed by Creality has a user-friendly interface for intuitive operation and agile and efficient slicing
    •  If HALOTBOX is not to your liking then you can also use the well-established and feature-packed Lychee slicer with your Halot One
  • Powerful Creality Motherboard with WiFi
    • The Halot One motherboard features a powerful ARMCortex microcontroller to provide faster processing times and ultimately faster printing speeds. An interesting addition to the Halot One motherboard is the built-in WiFi. So, if you are tired of having to transfer files using a memory card, or you are away from your printer, then you can slice and send files to your Halot-One remotely using HALOTBOX. The WiFi capabilities also allow the Halot-One to perform Over-The-Air firmware updates at the touch of a button
  • 5” Capacitive Touch Screen with Creality UI
  • 127x80x160mm Build Volume
  • Fast Printing and Longer Lifespan
    • Creality Halot one MSLA 3D Printer is equipped with a 6 inch monochrome LCD of 2K HD 2560x1620 resolution, only taking 1-4s/layer exposure to cure resin, which could significantly increase your printing efficiency and save your time. Moreover, monochrome LCD screen has a much longer lifespan and stable performance during long-time printing, saving costs for you and ensuring incredible printing quality.
  • Efficient Cooling and Filtration System
    • Creality Halot one LCD resin 3d printer built-in dual cooling systems (heat sink and cooling fan) for quick heat dissipation. Activated carbon air filtration can effectively reduce the odor emission and offer you a refreshing printing experience.
  • Precision Z axis module
    • The precise Z-axis control system adopts the combination of linear guide and T-shaped screw, the profile is widened and thickened, with micron-level accuracy and stable operation.
  • Multiple Applications
    • Creality Halot one LCD resin 3d printer can be used in school education, jewelry design, architectural design, home making, toys making and cartoon modules.

Creality Halot one tech specs

Product nameHalot One Resin 3D Printer
Build Volume

127 x 80 x 160mm

Actual Bed Size: 138 x 85mm

Chassis Size (Desk Space Required) 221 x 221 x 404mm
3D Resin Compatibility 405nm UV Curable Resin
Extrusion/Curing Style Digital Light Processing: LCD Masking Technique
Extruder/Curing Assembly 120W Power Super Spotlight
Print Platform levelling System Easy Manual Levelling
Printing Speed (Layer) 1 - 10s / layer
Printing Speed (Max) 60mm / hour
XY Resolution 51 microns
Z Resolution (Layer Height) 10 50 microns
LCD Projection Size 5.96" Monochrome LCD (1620 x 2560 Resolution)
Motherboard / Primary Controller Creality Motherboard
User Interface 5" Capacitive Touch Screen (Creality UI)
File Transfer Method USB / WiFi
Compatible SlicersHALOTBOX Slicer | Lychee Slicer
Light Insulation Cover Red UV Resistant Molded Cover
Chassis Materials Anodized Aluminum / Injection Molded ABS
Distinct Features
  • 120W Light Source
  • Activated Carbon Air Filtration System
  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • WiFi Connectivity
Weight (Printer) 7.1kg
Weight (Package) 8.8kg
Power Supply Input 100-240V
Power Supply Output 24V, 1.3A

Parts included with Creality Halot one

Halot-One BasePrinting Platform
Red UV Resistant CoverPower Cable
Data Card (USB)3D Printer Film
Assorted AccessoriesInstruction Manual

Creality Halot one repository

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