• Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 Autolevelling 3D Printer Kit

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Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 (iteration 3) DIY 3D Printer Kit is the newest and most current 3D Printer design by RepRap Core Developer Prusajr. The i3 incorporates lessons learned from the previous two Prusa designs, as well as other popular modern RepRap designs. The release of the Prusa i3 under the GPL license and numerous other factors (its low cost, minimal BOM, simple assembly and calibration procedures, more than adequate documentation, etc) have encouraged the further development of a growing number of Prusa i3 “variants” worldwide, with different parts, different materials and different assembly processes, but which altogether adhere to the general looks, component assembly, dimensions and functionality of the original Prusa i3.

The auto-leveling version uses a proximity sensor to detect the aluminum print bed where the normal version of the printer uses a micro-switch to detect the end of travel for the Z-Axis movement (vertical limits)

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Technical Specifications


Product Condition
Item Condition New
Printing Specifications
Build Volume 210×210×180mm
Print Speed 40mm/s-100mm/s
Layer Resolution 80 Microns
Print Precision 0.1-0.4mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Extruder Diameter 0.4mm
Filament Material Compatibilities PLA ABS HIPS Wood PVA
Mechanical Specifications
Chassis Acrylic Sheet Frame Threaded rods Aluminium Extrusion sliders
Extruder Name MK8 double cold extrusion system
Build Platform(Heat-bed) MK3 Aluminium Heatbed
Hot End E3D
Stepper Motors NEMA 17
Software Specifications
Software Repetier-Host Cura and Slic3r
File Format STL and G-Code
Operating Systems Windows XP 7 8.1 10 and MAC OS
Temperature Specifications
Nozzle Temperature 210C(Max 260C)
Heating Bed Temperature 50-105 C(Max 120C)
Electrical Specifications
AC Input 100-120V/4.8A or 200-240V/2.4A
Power Requirements  DC 12V/ 20A 240W
Connectivity USB  LCD display and SD card reader
Electronics Specifications
Electronics Arduino MKS Gen V 1.1 RAMPS1.4 and Marlin Firmware
Physical Dimensions specifications
Net Weight 7.5Kg
Shipping Box Weight 10.5 Kg
Machine Size 430mm×460mm×376mm
Shipping Box Size 480mm×450mm×200mm
Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 Autolevelling 3D Printer Kit
The self get together was truly straight forward in the wake of purchasing this Printer for completing some apparatus saves prints and taking a shot at different displaying ventures for loved ones. I tried various printer fiber yet wound up getting the best complete with this ABS fiber which gave me the best print quality and capacity to do some touch up's once it had completed on the printer bed.
Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 Autolevelling 3D Printer Kit
great seller for his great product, thank you and best greeetings from nuernberg - germany
Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 Autolevelling 3D Printer Kit
very stable frame, redesigning nozzle holders ( get loose with heat ), first print with sainsmart filament was perfect, auto level is a must have ( excellent feature once setup properly) definetly worth the price for this printer
Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 Autolevelling 3D Printer Kit
Its a Good prusa i3 kit. Now if you dont have the patience or dont like to build things and tweaked them around? Them this is not for you. The printer so far is printing good, as good as some other expensive 3D printers out there. I liked the part of building it myself because that way I know what to troubleshoot in the future should anything go wrong. Now, the Instructions included should be re-made some of the things in there are a bit confusing and more should be added about auto calibration.

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Maxmicron 3D Prusa i3 Autolevelling 3D Printer Kit

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