• Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer

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Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Build Size 3D Printer with 1Kg PLA Pro Filament 


  More about Orca 2 Cygnus

   An incredible build volume of 400 x 400 x 500mm gives you a bigger possibility of turning your ideas into reality

   With its optimized mechanical structure and new designs, the ORCA 2 Cygnus is able to print large prototypes with stunning surface finish

   Using strong magnets and special pins, improved swappable single and dual extruders with extraordinary precision and stability are at your choice

  All choice metal parts and quality Mean Well power supply ensure high durability and reliability under high workload

   The elaborate designs of the integrated borosilicate glass heated bed, the z-endstop and the wires make ORCA 2 Cygnus an easy-to-use printer without tiring bed leveling or wiring. Just enjoying your experience with 3D printing.

   The Orca 2 Cygnus has an innovative auto bed leveling sensor that can automatically adjust the z-axis heights by offsetting the errors while printing

   From fan speed to extruder temperature, manage your prints on the fast-response 2.8" full color touchscreen of ORCA 2 Cygnus

Key Points

     Auto bed leveling

     Full color display

     Heated build platform

     Newly designed user friendly control panel Electronics

     Aluminium Heated bed + Custom designed Print Surface

     Removable Magnetic Extruders

     Premium Ball Bearing Cooling fans

     Choice Stainless Steel screws

     Quality Power Supply 350W

     Multi Filaments compatibility- Supports ABS,PLA,HIPS,PVA,PETG,Wood,Nylon,Flex and so on.

     Included 1 Kg of XK-PLA(PRO) is a better version of PLA. It avoids warping and yields better and fine results.

Xinkebot Orca2 Cygnus Video Tutorials:

      By Default we ship with 1 Kg of PLA Pro, if you want to ship with Wooden PLA or PVA, Leave a comments in Checkout page 



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Dual Extruder :


  Print Technology: FDM

  Build Volume: 400L x 400W x 480H mm (15.7 x 15.7 x 18.9 in)

  Build Platform: Heated

  Extruders: Single & Dual

  Max Layer Resolution: 100 microns

  Max Print Speed: 150 mm/sec

  Supported Filament: PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, TPU

  Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm


  Power Requirements: 24 V DC @ 14.6 A

  AC Input: 100 - 120 V AC (7.0 A) / 200 - 240 V AC (4.0 A)


  Supported OS: Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.6+

  Supported CAD Input Data File Format: stl, gcode, obj


  Support: Lifelong technical support via email

  Warranty: 3-month manufacturer's warranty


  Spool holder

  Glue stick

  1KG PLA Pro

  8G SD card

  Hex keys

  Filament & cable clamps


Technical Specifications
Upgraded Version Number ORCA 2 Cygnus
Print Technology FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
Max Build Volume 400L x 400W x 480H mm
Color Mixture of Black and Red
Extruders Single&Dual
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Layer Thickness 0.05-0.3mm
Extruder Temperature <260degC/500degF
Heated Bed Temperature <120degC/248degF
Power Supply Mean Well 24V/250W HeatedBed: A Plug staright into the wall outlet
Display 2.8 inch Full Color touch screen with shielded wire
Supported Software Simplify3D Cura MakerbotDesktop Slic3r
Language English Chinese
Connection via USB cable SD Card
Package Dimensions 540L x 660W x 760 H mm
Weight Approx. 15 Kg
Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer
I can say that the printer is very well built and works very well out of the box. Its contructed very well and its a lot more heavy duty than the cr10
Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer
Very sturdy construction.Produces high quality prints, relatively quickly.great machine for the money you spent on.I am happy with my purchase
Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer
I was in the market for a printer with a large build area for printing models that would not fit on my Prusa. Most printers with the build area I required cost over $3,000 which was more than I was willing to pay. I started to search the Internet for the parts I would need to build one myself when I came across this printer for a very affordable price. After searching for reviews and not finding many because it was a new product I contacted the manufacturer who was very helpful and even made a video for me to see the product in action. I purchased the printer and once I received it setup was as simple as connecting two pieces and plugging in the wires. The printer comes with a single extruder setup and a double extruder setup which was used to test the printer before shipping. The hotend is very close to an E3D V6 and will accept V6 nozzles. The print heads are also magnetic which is one of my favorite features apart from the touch screen. It takes seconds to go from a single extruder to double. I just ordered an additional single extruder so I won't have to change nozzle sizes as much. The print bed is huge, I believe 15.7in x 15.7in and prints adhere to it almost too well. I purchased kapton tape to make it easier to remove the prints. I believe there is a silicon heater pad on the bottom of the bed which heats to 70°C in minutes, unfortunately the heat is mostly centered and the edges don't heat as high which hasn't been an issue for me. The touch screen is very well thought out and simple to navigate. It can be used to auto level the bed, tune prints, preheat, move axis, home and much more. The stepper motors seem to be high torque and the over all construction of the printer is Aluminum making it extremely rigid and helping with precision. I've done extremely complex bevel gears and other parts that require accuracy to function and the printer did a very good job. Depending on the settings you almost can't tell they were printed. I hope this review helps
Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer
This printer is probably the best value that you can get and customer service is second to none. The LCD is a touch screen and extremely simple to navigate. It's very well thought out. The tool heads are magnetic and take 3 seconds to switch between single and duel extruders. The magnetic connection is very strong and the printer is built like a rock so it has very nice precision.
Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer
The build quality is very high. Stable and very good components all the way. It prints just perfect

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Xinkebot ORCA 2 Cygnus Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer

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