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Now, there is a new step ahead in medical 3D printing. North Korea has demonstrated its most recent inventions. The country has unveiled a new range of 3D printers that can reproduce bones which can be used in dentistry and cosmetic surgery. This new invention has come up as a good news for the doctors across the world. As per KCTV news segment, the new invention will help the doctors to save time and improve the quality of complicated medical procedures.

The breakthrough in medical 3D printing:

Dr Hwang Seong-hyeok who is from the state’s dentistry department said that the new technology will help them mould numerous bone fragments via an in-depth facial blueprint. The news segment of KCTV also displayed a “patent of certification” and “intellectual products exhibition”. However, it cannot be said for sure as of now, if the product has been seen by anyone outside North Korea.

Medicine industry sees 3D printing, that makes use of digital files to create physical objects, as a key to reduce costs of advancement. 3D printing can reduce the costs incurred for creating better tools and body parts needed in medical industry. In 2014, the doctors from Netherlands were able to perform a transplant using a 3D printed skull for the first time.  In Sudan, the children injured in the civil war got new limbs due to 3D printing.

The biggest problem for North Korea, however, is the issue of damaged equipment and reducing treatment. The medical system of North Korea has been sanction-hit. So, it is doubtful how far can the 3D printing in medicine will flourish in the country. Even in the neighbouring South Korea, the country known as the capital of cosmetic surgery and dentistry is facing the same issue.

KCTV showed the footage of medicine 3D Printing for the first time. It showed doctors working on a 3D printed lower jaw.

Well, we can hope that this new korean technology reaches the world as soon as possible.

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