Affiliate Terms & Conditions

This agreement is made between 3DPRINTERSBAY, and you the affiliate/partner.

Affiliate Commission

Commission rates can be amended at any time at the discretion of 3DPRINTERSBAY.

Affiliates will be paid any commission due on or shortly after the 1st of each calendar month for each qualifying sale. Minimum Payout threshold should be $300 USD.

Payment of Affiliate Commission

Affiliate commission payments will be made in USD, either as Store Credit, by PayPal or Direct Transfer to Bank Account only, depending on which payment method the Affiliate has chosen in their affiliate account.

Affiliates are solely responsible for ensuring 3DPRINTERSBAY has up-to-date information, including, without limitation, postal and email addresses, payee information, name and any other personal information that will impact our ability to issue the payment of affiliate commission.

Where payment is made to a PayPal account, any fees related to the payment shall be borne by the Affiliate.

3DPRINTERSBAY is not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected affiliate commission payments.

Account Termination

If 3DPRINTERSBAY believes an affiliate is in breach of these terms and conditions 3DPRINTERSBAY can terminate an affiliate’s account, in such case outstanding/pending affiliate commission will not be paid.

Advertising Compliance

Affiliates are encouraged to use the 3DPRINTERSBAY approved affiliate banners provided. You may not adapt promotional assets in any way. Assets provided must be used exactly as provided.

Affiliates must not bid for any 3DPRINTERSBAY related keywords via Google AdWords (and other similar advertisements networks), in order to promote their affiliate link. Sales generated via Pay-Per-Click adverts (linking to this site) will not be recognised and commissions will not be paid.

Affiliate must not run coupon/deals without the permission from the 3D PRINTERS ONLINE STORE. if we receive affiliate sales from such coupon deals network, we will cancel and terminate the affiliate member.

Cookie stuffing is forbidden. Affiliates that mislead individuals to ‘visit’ an affiliate link without their knowing will not receive commission on those sales and risk having their affiliate account terminated.

3DPRINTERSBAY reserve the right to terminate an account that appears to be using spam activity to promote affiliate links. 3DPRINTERSBAY will issue affiliates with one warning before permanent termination from the affiliate scheme.

Affiliates may not copy portions of 3DPRINTERSBAY’s site or use copy that 3DPRINTERSBAY deems to be ‘appreciably similar.’

Affiliates are solely responsible for ensuring that their tracking code is working properly before sending traffic to our site. Affiliate commission will not be paid for tracking errors of any kind, including, without limitation, any tracking errors caused by affiliates editing, masking or tampering with links.