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Creality CR-10S Upgrade Kit

Best Upgrade Kit for your Creality CR-10 3D Printer contains Dual Z axis for Stability in 3D Prints & Filament Monitoring Alarm Protection (Sensor) which alerts you when the filament has ran out or broken for Smart 3D Printing

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Creality CR-10S Upgrade Kit

CR-10S Upgrade Kit with Dual Z

CR-10S Upgrade Kit without Dual Z

  1 Lead Screw Bracket with Brass Nut

  1, 34mm Stepper Motor

  1 Lead Screw

  1 Lead Screw Bearing Guide

  1 Z Coupler

  1 Dual Z Stepper Cable

  1 Z Motor Bracket with screws and t-nuts

  3 longer m6 screws

  3 m6 nuts and spacers

  1 Mainboard 

  1 Display LCD 

  1 Motor wires

  1 Mainboard 

  1 Display LCD 

  1 Motor wires

Motherboard Diagram:

Creality CR-10S upgrade kit

In case previous diag. is hard to see:

Creality CR-10S upgrade kit

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