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Creality Ender 2 Pro 3D Printer

The Creality Ender 2 Pro is a portable mini 3D Printer, offering high-quality prints and silent drivers, which makes it the perfect desktop companion. 165x165x180mm Build Volume | Lightweight and Portable | Cantilever Reinforced Z-axis Structure | 32bit Silent Motherboard

Creality Ender 2 Pro Top features

  • Built-In Power Supply
    • The Ender 2 Pro has a built-in Creality power supply that noticeably makes the printer far easier to move around than if it were a clanky separate unit as with older models. Creality gave good thought to the use of space under the build plate, managing to also slip in a handy toolbox draw. In addition to convenience, the built-in power supply adds weight to the bottom of the Ender 2 Pro and increases its stability further, a much-needed consideration with its unique build structure.
  • Cantilever Portable Structure
    • The simplified, unique cantilever structure offers a lightweight design. With an extra Z-axis fixed block, it can support heavier loads and lean positioning, remaining stable throughout the entire printing process.
  • Dual Part Fans
    • On either side of the hotend, two-part fans are mounted to help with extra cooling power during prints with difficult overhangs and finer details
    • Dual part fans are an excellent advantage that ensures higher quality and an easier 3D Printing experience.
  • Magnetic removable Flexplate
    • Simply pick up the removable sheet and flex it to pop prints easily off the bed. Flexible build plates bring a new level of convenience to your 3D Printing experience, eliminating any need to shovel your 3D Prints off the bed as it often feels like using a scraper.
  • Quick Assembly in Four Steps
    • Ender-2 Pro comprehensively meets your needs for ease of assembly. The product is a 90% pre-installed device. You only need to tighten 7 screws

Creality Ender 2 Pro Technical specifications

Product nameEnder-2 Pro
Printing Technology FDM
Build Volume 162 x 162 x 180mm Actual Bed Size = 165 x 165
Chassis Size (Desk Space Required) 421 x 383 x 465mm
Filament Diameter Compatibility 1.75mm
Extruder Style Bowden-Style Extruder
Stock Nozzle 0.4mm
Stock Hotend Assembly Creality Ender 2 Pro Hotend Assembly
Maximum Hotend Temperature 260°C
Print Platform Style Soft Magnetic Flexplate
Print Platform Max Temperature 80°C
Printing Speed (Stable) 50mm/s
Printing Speed (Max)100mm/s
Layer Height (Resolution) 0.1 to 0.3mm
Motherboard / Primary Controller Creality V4.2.3 32-bit Silent Motherboard
User Interface 2-color LCD screen with rotary knob operation
Slicing Software Compatibility Creality Slicer | Cura | Simplify3D
File Transfer Method MicroSD | Micro USB
Bed Levelling System Manual Levelling
Print Resume Functionality Included
Filament Runout Sensor Not Included
Chassis Materials Black Anodised Aluminium Reinforced Z-Axis Fixed Block
Included 3D Printing Filament Small Winding of White PLA
Distinct Features
  • 32-bit Silent Motherboard and Silent Drivers
  • Cantilever Structure with Reinforced Z-axis
  • Printer Handle and Toolbox draw
  • Soft Magnetic Flexplate
  • Print Resume Functionality
  • Easy Manual Levelling with Springs and Red Nuts
  • Built-in CMG-150-24 Creality PSU
Weight (Printer) 4.65kg
Weight (Package) 6kg
Operating Voltage 115/230V DC
Rated Power 150W
Power Supply Output 24V DC | 6.25A

Parts Included with the Creality Ender 2 Pro 3D Printer

1x Spare Nozzle1x Adapter for USB and MicroSD cards
Winding of Sample Filament1x 8GB SD Card
Filament Holder AssemblyCollection of Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Washers
Set of Basic Assembly ToolsCreality Ender 2 Pro User Manual
1x Power Cable

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