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The Gecko is East 3D's first 3D Printer and they did not skimp on the features. This printer uses the CoreXY design to create a stable frame and fast print speeds. There is an option of heated bed as well which enables you to print with virtually any material

East 3D Gecko CoreXY 3D Printer Kit Highlights

  Large Build Volume 310 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm

  The Gecko also utilizes linear guide rails as opposed to the more tradition wheels for higher quality prints and smoother movement.

  As for the Z axis, the Gecko also does away with the traditional lead screws and opts for a fully belt driven Z which eliminates the possibility of Z wobble from a bent lead screw.

  The Gecko also comes with a powerful 32 bit controller board with a user friendly LCD touch screen display

  The control board is equipped with the Cortex-M4 32 bit processor running at 168MHz which is currently almost twice the speed of Smoothieboard or Duet

  On the board, the XY axes are equipped with TMC2100 stepper drivers at 1/16 microsteps and interpolated to 1/256 microsteps which allows the East 3D Gecko to operate silently and product 3D prints with the highest quality

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