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Felix 3.1 3D Printer- DIY Kit

The DIY-kit is an excellent option for the ones who enjoy assembling a 3D printer themselves. it is a great opportunity to fully understand the machine and experience the accuracy needed to assemble the machine. It takes about one working day to assemble the printer and to prepare it for its first print

Available ASSEMBLED and in DIY-kit.

     Print anything in 3D with amazing details

              Print quality ranging from 50 micron up to 250 micron.

     Benefit from the latest technology

              Modular design, enabling users to install upgrades.

     Available in Single and Dual

              Print with different colours or materials in one single print.

      Print with almost everything

               Print with any kind of 1.75mm filament you like.

      It is more than a 3D printer

               Benefit from professional customer service and an active user community.

      Including one-year license for FELIXbuilder

               Use the software specially designed for FELIX to operate your felix with full control.

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Designed from an upgradable point of view - with a FELIX 3D printer you are always able to benefit from the latest technology due to regular hardware and software updates

     Available as a Single head and as a Dual head 3D printer

     Print quality ranging from 50 micron up to 250 micron.

     Large build volume of 255 x 205 x 225 mm.

     Stand alone printing with a micro SD card.

     Upgrade to newer versions yourself or let us do it for you!

Print anything in 3D with amazing details.

Watch and see detailed prints being created on the large 255x205x225mm print bed. Due to the use of industrial components the FELIX 3.1 is a solid, stable and accurate machine. The solid structure and the high quality components enable the FELIX 3.1 to print objects in high quality (0.05mm) with perfect accuracy.

Benefit from the latest technology

Due to the fast development of 3D printers, today’s technology will be outdated tomorrow. For that reason FELIX 3D printers are based on a modular design, making it possible to easily replace specific parts of the 3D printer. Official FELIXprinter upgrades are released regularly so our users can benefit from the latest technology.

Available in Single and Dual

The FELIX 3.1 is available as a Single and as a Dual. The Dual comes with two hot-ends, making it possible to print with two different materials and in different colors. Printing with a Dual is especially interesting for creating colorful prints or to print objects with water-soluble support material.

Print with almost any kind of filament

A FELIXprinter is capable of working with many kinds of filament. The print settings of the FELIX 3.1 can be fully adjusted to meet the requirements of the used filament. A large selection of high quality filaments is available in the FELIXprinters webshop. Available filaments include: PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX, Wood, Glass and PVA (Water-soluble).

It is more than a 3D printer

At FELIXprinters, we understand a good product is more than a good working machine. Therefore professionally trained staff is always available for any kind of technical or customer support. A highly detailed FAQ is available and also the active FELIX community is willing to answer all your questions about the FELIX or 3D printing!

Including one-year license for FELIXbuilder

The FELIX 3.1 is the first FELIXprinter that comes with a one-year license for FELIXbuilder 3D print software. FELIXbuilder is the official software customized for FELIXprinters to process, adjust and slice digital, printable objects to print with the best possible outcomes on a FELIX 3D printer. FELIXbuilder has an intuitive workflow but without loosing any manual control features. Learn more about FELIXbuilder

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      Safe Payment

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         1 Year Warranty

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      Lifetime Support Service

                 Experiencing trouble with your FELIX? Feel free to contact us!

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