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  • Brand: FoodBot 
  • Product Code: Foodbot S2

FoodBot S2 Multifunctional Chocolate Food 3D Printer

Lead time: Ready to ship in 2 to 4 business days!

Foodbot S2 can turn all of your imaginative ideas into creative and fun gourmet workarounds, printing out 3d files and starting to print for creative food and cooking enthusiasts as well as professional pastry bakers.

The idea is to turn the perfect idea into more exciting dishes for families, parties, cafes, dessert / Bakery shops, hotels, education, etc., allowing people to explore more creative ways to decorate food.

Foodbot S2 Chocolate Food 3D Printer Top features

  • Foodbot S2 comes with  a huge amount of chocolate models along with a machine for your choice, Or you can DIY it with common modeling software
  • Perfect for both creative food & cooking lovers and professional dessert bakers to storm your ideas to make more interesting things with chocolate & other ingredients.
  • Easy operation
    • Simply download models from the internet into U-disk to print.
    • The simple interface allows you to easily select a  design to print from your USB disk, pause and restart while printing, and even adjust the temperature and speed of the dispenser to perfect your models on the butter paper.
  • Print size is 150x150x70mm
  • Structure
    • Use the gantry structure, the X and Y axis are respectively placed on a fixed base and fixed on the gantry structure, reduced the axis for loading in the actual work , to reduce the dynamic load of platform in the working process, improve the precision of printing platform.
  • Cylinder and platform
    • The shell is made of sheet metal material and is provided with an I-shaped structure. The utility model has the advantages of portability, simplicity, convenience for processing, good positioning stability of the material cylinder, and reliability of the printer during operation
  • Pre treatment
    • Print the materials in advance in the pre heating machine to get the desired input paste before fed into nozzle for 3D print.
  • FoodBot S2 can print between 15mm/s and 70mm/s print speed depending on the intricacy and model detail — print at the lower end if you want more precision for your chocolate prints.
  • The 100-micron accuracy is more than enough for most small chocolate prints, and you can switch the nozzles out depending on your printing priorities between 0.4and 1.55 mm sizes.
  • The FoodBot S2 comes with its foodbot 3D slicer software, so you don't need to worry about installing any other software if you're a 3D printing beginner
  • It's hygienic — the food filament never touches the printer as it comes in disposable plastic dispenser tubes and is extruded straight through the nozzle — and easy to clean as you only need to clean the nozzle.
  • Rapid and accurate molding. with 4.5 inches high definition touch screen
  • Cloud control: Support Color Screen, PC, mobile phone, and other terminals, Massive Model Library cloud control
  • Support Wifi, USB disk printing, Easy to operate
  • Foodbot S2 can print more than ten ingredients, including biscuit, chocolate, cheese, jam, mashed potatoes, creamy candy, mung-bean paste, etc.
  • Accuracy – Make you more proud of your masterwork
    • With the pinhead's minimum diameter (Nozzle) being 0.4mm, Foodbot S2 brings a beautiful experience to meet your perfect appearance of food dedication.
  • Constant temperature – More persistent
    • Due to real-time temperature control, every little change is controllable
    • This feature not only makes your work more exquisite superior but also protects the nutritional ingredients from damage
  • Automatic height adjustment
    • Untie your hands – Say goodbye to the tedious manual adjustment height
    • The auto-leveling function can sense and adjust the height between the extrusion head and printing plate(Butter paper)
  • Application scenarios
    • FoodBot S2 is used widely in many fields and designed to inspire, entertain and bring out the creativity in Professional kitchens, Catering, Café and Bakeries, Nursing homes, schools, Educational organizations & institutions, and Weddings and party groups.

Foodbot S2 Chocolate Food 3D Printer Technical specs

Manufacturer / BrandFoodBot
Product / ModelS2 ( Single Head) 2022 updated model
FrameSheet Metal Structure
Printing materials

Chocolates, bean paste, toffee, cream

biscuits, purple potatoes, mashed potatoes,

meat paste, jam, etc.

Control ModeDisplay screen, Mobile phone, Terminals
Printing supportWifi, USB Disk
Printing Size150x150x70mm
Nozzle diameter0.4 - 1.55mm
Nozzle quantity1
Printing speed15-70 mm/s
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy0.1/100mm
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy0.01/100mm
File FormatsSTL/ Gcode
Machine Dimension 42.0 x 38.1 x 40.0cm / 16.5 x 15.0 x 15.7in
Machine Weight15 kg / 33.1 lb
Package Dimension55.0 x 55.0 x 56.0cm / 21.7 x 21.7 x 22.0in
Package weight23kg / 50.7lb

Foodbot S2 Chocolate Food 3D Printer Package list

1 x Foodbot S2 3D Food Printer1 x Cleaning Tool Set
1 x Power Adapter1 x Screw Driver Set
1 x U Disk2 x Tool Box
1 x Preheat Machine Set6 x Magnet
1 x Print Head Set50 x Ingredient Tubes
1 x Pack of Printing Paper1 x User Manual(English)
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