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Ensuring Proper Maintenance Of Your 3D Printer

Each and every time you use your 3D Printer to print an object, you always anticipate and deserve the best outcomes. This is what you think; isn’t it?

No offense, everybody does. But then there’s a condition too. You are well acquainted that your best 3D printer is nothing but an assembled automated product. And similar to any other such product, this too requires regular maintenance and uphold.

How would you feel if, during the course of your printing job, you find your 3D printer extruder broken? Or else, will it be favorable if you experience filament troubles right in the middle of your work?

Emphatic no’s, but let’s face it right here. As aforementioned, just as any other mechanical object requires its timely refreshment, so does your perfect 3D printer such as Prusa i3 kit.

This is where we rely a great deal on the maintenance jobs. And as the customers demand more of cheaper 3D printers, many 3D printing industries tend to formulate their hardware with inferior materials.

What does it signify?

It simply means that your 3D Printer or 3D printer kit would require more of maintenance or modding than other kinds of similar household appliances.

The good news is that the quality of 3D printers is set to improve a great deal in the future, but as of today, you still need to keep it happy by maintaining it regularly. Is the idea haunting you? Do not worry. Here are a few helpful tips that would help to maintain your 3D printer efficiently, no matter what kind of technology or machinery you employ.

Adhere To Filament Nozzle Cleaning:

Filament clogging is one of the major problems that could occur, and this is what impacts the quality of a 3D printed product pretty much. Just a tiny clog and here you are, with a foul outcome in the form of structure that is comparatively less sound.

How do you confirm this? Well, nozzle clogs could be confirmed if the filament comes out in a curvy form from the nozzle.

However, maintaining your 3D printer’s nozzle is fairly easy. You could clean it with a brass wire brush or just a needle after heating it securely.

Lubricate Your 3D Printer Regularly:

Just a few drops of oil and you see how almost any kind of machine works perfectly. This is what stands for your DLP 3D Printer too.

Though, you never need any kind of motor oil. Just the simple sewing machine oil could be used to slip in a few drops on the rods and rails of your 3D Printer and offer it the smoothness it deserves.

If you use some other variant of lubricant, ensure their appropriate safety with the plastics. Also, do not lubricate the parts too vivaciously. Too much lubricant on the parts is a perfect lure to the grime and dust, which you never desire.

Cleaning The 3D Printer Extruder:

No wonder, your 3D printer’s extruder could attract debris after it accomplishes a few printing jobs. And for this, you need to clean the same after every few prints.

In this, you need to unscrew the 3D Printer’s extruder and take out the extruder cover. Get some hex keys and remove the screws that hold the fan in its place (this procedure could vary a great deal according to the model you possess). Using a sharp tool, you could scrape the slime from the extruder and fit it back as removed.

Protecting The Build-Surface Area:

The best 3D printers require the best maintenance. And in this too, the build surface area of your 3D printer requires more of it. Why? It is so since the build area gets scratched up after a number of printing jobs and this could affect the appeal of your 3D printed object.

However, this trouble of yours could be fixed if you use Kapton Tape on the same. Apply a layer of tape above the surface and press it firmly to ensure proper sticking. And while this protects the build surface, it is easy enough to replace the old tape with a new one in the easiest of manner.

Keep Your 3D Printer Firmware Updated:

Similar to a home computer, the 3D printer firmware too needs to be updated all the time. And just as the hardware of your 3D Printer requires maintenance to work immaculate, the troubles with the software too need to be recognized timely, to do them away securely.

These are some of the basic tips which you could use to use to maintain your 3D printer effectively.

And again, you deserve the finest 3D prints from your best 3D printing kit. For this, the regular maintenance and upholding of your 3D printer are as critical as regular bathing to a human body is. Perform it regularly, so that you and your 3D printers experience no troubles whatsoever.

Image credits:    Novaspirit Tech

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