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3D Printers are now available in all shapes and sizes but have you ever wondered which one is the smallest 3D Printer available out there?

We have the answer for you, and it’s called ONO 3D Printer.

Ono is a Cell phone powered 3d printer that was first seen at the World Maker Faire in 2015 but little information about it has been around since then. According to the recent update on the company’s website, the product should be finally ready for sale in a month’s time.

ONO is a DLP based 3d printer which uses smartphones screen to project slices of the design on the resin tank where the photoactive resin solidifies one layer at a time.

It’s a wonderful little 3D printer that costs just $99 (Thankfully the price has not increased ever since it was announced. The build volume for this printer is 7.6x12.7x5cm and the print quality largely depends on the screen resolution of your cell phone.

Other salient features include

  Z resolution: Layers as thin as 0.036 mm (or 0.12 mm in “Quick Print” mode)

  X-Y resolution: Up to 42 micron resolution, depending on the phone screen resolution

  Auto-leveling: Sensors reset the Z height before every print

  Removable resin tank and build plate: Makes removing the part and cleaning the printer easy

  Reusable printing film: Film can be used for up to 10 prints in the same location

  Quiet: The low noise mechanism allows printing even at night

  Portable: Lightweight and small, it is easy to take with you

  Adaptable: USB charging cable connects to any USB charger, from wall plugs at home to rechargeable battery packs for off-grid use

  Sturdy: The body is made of durable technopolymers designed for strength and durability

  Low maintenance: Long-lasting actuators are self-lubricating, requiring little maintenance

The Resins that work as the raw material for ONO 3d printer costs $15 for a 100ML bottle and are available in a variety of colours. These resins have properties like ABS, Wax, and PMMA which is kind of opaque. The company also sells a resin which cures to make products which are semi flexible in nature

Using ONO 3d printers is literally a Childs play, all you need to do is download the company’s app on your Smartphone and connect your 3D Printer via the wire supplied along with the 3D Printer. The printer may be small in size but can produce 3d prints which have a print resolution of 42 microns; however it largely depends on which phone you use and what its screen resolution is

The App which runs ONO can access your designs stored online through cloud capability, or could just chose the design from thingiverse. The App is compatible with Android, windows as well as IOS platforms making it work universally.

Although ONO 3D printer works with any Smartphone but the screen size cannot be more than 5.8’ the printer is super silent as well. The printer weights just 1.7lb making it ultra portable

Currently the company is busy sending printers to their kickstarter backers but soon it would be available for purchase to general public as well. We look forward to lay our hands on this little monster and post a review as and when possible

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