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  • Brand: XINKEBOT 
  • Product Code: ORCA 3 (IDEX)

Xinkebot ORCA 3 IDEX Large format 3D Printer

Xinkebot Orca 3 Main features & Highlights:

  • Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX): Xinkebot Orca 3 adapts the Independent Dual Extrusion system allows the two print heads to move independently from each other, which prevents the filament from dripping onto the part and therefore avoids contamination. 
    • Duplication Mode: Print two identical models at the same time
    • Mirror Mode: Print two symmetric models at the same time
    • Twice as faster with duplication and mirror mode. Save time on your design work.
  • Dual Drive System: Xinkebot Orca 3 uses two hobbed gears to provide more precise control over extrusion and retraction, leading to less stringing and oozing and better print quality.
  • Large Build Volume: 400x400x550 mm large print size enables the printing of more prominent models.
  • 32 Bit Processor: Xinkebot Orca 3 uses ARM cortex-M4-based controller, which achieves a considerable increase in processing capabilities, making Orca 3 print faster and more accurately.
  • TMC2209 MOTOR DRIVER: Silent operation. Fast current regulation. High efficiency. On every axis.
  • PRE-LEVELED HEATED BED:  Xinkebot Orca 3 secured by 11 bolts underneath, the straightened heated bed of Orca 3 provides a super flat surface for printing. 
  • PRECISE MOTION WITH BALL SCREWS: The high-quality ball screws of Xinkebot Orca 3 will translate rotational motion to linear motion, which significantly reduces friction and increases efficiency, resulting in smoother and more accurate movement. 
  • Belt synchronization for Z-axis: The mechanism of one high torque Z motor and two ball screws with belt synchronization ensures the two sides of the Z-axis always stay in sync with each other
  • The dual Z-axis provides stability in taller and larger prints.
  • 3.5inch TFT LCD Touch SCREEN: You can say goodbye to the era of manual knobs and dot-matrix display. Optimized UI interface, easy operation, you can view real-time printing information on the screen.
  • Extruder real-time adjustment: 
  • RESUME PRINTING AND FILAMENT RUNOUT SENSOR: Xinkebot Orca 3 can resume printing even after a power outage occurs and automatically pause the printing when the filament runs out. So you do not need to print from the beginning again in either case, which will save you a lot of time and material.

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