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The 2017 TCT Show: A Prologue To The 3D Printing Technology

The 'National Exhibition Center (NEC)' of Birmingham, UK is all set to raise the curtains of 'The TCT Show' very soon, which would be a full-house show consisting over 250 exhibitors from the 3D Printing Industry.

And if you are unaware of the event, this is a heavenly one for any person who takes interest in the 3D printing technology. Why so? Because, it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to discover the latest software, hardware and materials, ranging from 3D scanners, polymers and 3D Printers of course.

Before the event sets its feet to enthrall you with its content, let us sneak a peek at some of the major highlights of the show.

Major upcoming machines:

Be prepared to encounter the entry of Formlabs into Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) with the Fuse 1, which would be the center of company’s exhibition, besides new materials formulated for the Form 2 SLA 3D printer.

You could also see 'Eduardo Torrealba', the lead engineer from SLS at Formlabs, who would give a presentation on the Product Stage of Fuse 1.

You would have heard of Sharebot- the small 3D Printing firm from Italy. Yes! This Italian firm is ready to showcase its latest research and development cycle in terms of 3Delux DLP 3D Printer for the dentistry needs.

Besides, it also comes up with the Sharebot Q XXL on a build plate of size 705x250x200 mm for FDM 3D Printing.

Desktop related developments:

Anglo Production Processes Ltd. from Worcestershire’s, in combination with Nano Dimension, is ready to introduce ‘DragonFly 2020’ 3D printer for subjecting 3D printed electronics into the British market.

Similarly, you would have heard of 3Dealise from London. Well, it is working with Arup (who built Sydney Opera House) and plans to reduce the expenses involved in producing steel nodes for construction. Their hybrid machining process is set to reduce the cost by almost 90 percent and the component could be seen displayed on the booth.

The machines from Desktop Metal are also set to hit the display for the first time, with Photocentric high-resolution LCD 3D printers experiencing an upgrade to the biggest booth.

3D Scanners innovation:

Get ready to get a couple of new devices for digitization and quality control, since RangeVision, the giant that is dedicated to develop and structure light 3D scanners, is ready with the following:

  • The Spectrum- which is formulated to target a semi-professional metrology market

  • The Pro 2M- which is a versatile device competent to view four distinct scan zones

CyberGage360 inspection system, which is the latest venture of Laser Design Inc. to join 3D scanning exhibitors, is too set to set to hit the floor.

So if you possess a deep love for 3D printing technology and are ready to discover the latest innovations, you could never afford to miss the above interesting details 2017 TCT Show. The 3D Printing industry is set to come with yet more innovations and your need to keep track of these, so that you too could match pace with the latest technology in a well-groomed manner.

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