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We have heard, dreamed and seen Hollywood movies where robots make other robots, machines make other machines and this all was but fiction. Now, we all, who love 3D Printing which includes the engineers, designers, artists and fans have to wait just a little to witness a breakthrough moment of this century. A 3D Printer that prints 3D Printers. No, this is no joke, it is not fiction, it is not hype, it's a cold hard “TRUTH”.

3D Printer To Print 3D Printers

A campaign on Indiegogo of Ulio 3D has made it possible for the creators to bring this amazing dream into reality. You can now build 3D printers by buying this one 3D printer. Now, it is possible to create a 3D printer of our choice. This 3D printer is mainly aimed at students and professionals. As a user, we face issues while assembling our 3D printer. However, with the Ulio 3D we can put our experience in practice and create our 3D printer at home. It will also reduce costs and give us various printers that can be used for various purposes.

The Revolution of 3D Printing

Ulio 3D is almost entirely 3D printed unlike any other 3D printer. Most of the time some parts of the 3D printer are created using machines while a few ones are 3D printed. But in case of Ulio 3D, that is not the case. Besides, it has capacity to print an independent 3D printer and will start a new wave of innovation as students, designers and engineers put their minds to create new printers.  

Actually, RepRap printers have initiated this idea but this is a whole new chapter. In the coming time, we will find better versions of Ulio 3D. Hopefully, they will reduce the assembling time of DIY kits and will have most important functions installed.  For now, we have to wait till the launch of the first 3D printer that prints 3D printers!

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