• Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit

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Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit

Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Add-on Kit

Ok! Now you can finally get the parts you need to add a second lead screw to your Creality 3D Printer, all wrapped up in a kit! These are direct replacement parts from Creality. Do you need it? Smarter people than us say so! You will reuse the Front Bracket and V Slot Wheels. You will also have to remove the bottom cover from the control box and gain access to the Motherboard so you can replace the Z cable with the one provided

This Creality CR-10 Dual Z axis upgrade kit to add a second stepper motor to the second Z axis chassis post. This CR-10 Dual Z upgrade add-on kit enhances the Z precision, hence diminishes chances of experiencing Z banding

  1 Lead Screw Bracket with Brass Nut

  1, 34mm Stepper Motor

  1 Lead Screw

  1 Lead Screw Bearing Guide

  1 Z Coupler

  1 Dual Z Stepper Cable

  1 Z Motor Bracket with screws and t-nuts

  3 longer m6 screws 

  3 m6 nuts and spacers

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Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit
After the install, the pinter didn't go down on the Z-axe the whole way. After some searching on the net, discovered the solution. Just loosen the brass nut a little that connects the Z-rod(s) to the X-beam. Problem solved. Happy with the result here.
Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit
The dual Z kit is the way to go. Installation was simple. The product itself was of better quality than the z rod that came on the printer. While the CR10 is a decent printer of a very affordable price, mine was having some issues printing items of specific design. The dual Z helped resolve this issue. There is a reason the newer versions come with dual Z now. If you got an early version with only one, this is a cheap simple worthwhile upgrade.
Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit
inslación fácil y rápida, todo perfectamente explicado en el video. ignoro como imprime la impresora sin este addo porque lo intalé según me llegó la impresora y los resultados son excelente.
Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit
Really pleased with the upgrade kit and it arrived exceptionally quick no problem recommending it
Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit
It is easy to put together.Super simple and straight forward. Very pleased with this upgrade kit and would recommend it

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Creality CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade Kit

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