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CreatBot DX | DX Plus Large format 3D Printer
Supports up to Triple Head , Up to 400°C High temperature printing

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The CreatBot DX | CreatBot DX Plus 3D printer is a high-speed printer with a 300*250*300mm (DX) | 300mm x 250mm x 520mm(DX Plus) build volume and 0.04mm print resolution. The see through walls mean you can watch as your printer creates your 3D models. The CreatBot DX series has height adjustable nozzles, allowing you to manually align the nozzles quickly and efficiently. This ensures the quality of your prints by creating perfect coordination between the nozzles. This solid constructed 3D Printer supports up to triple print heads, semi enclosed chamber with see through walls, a heated glass print bed and a Bowden style extruder. The extruder has the stepper motors positioned at the back of the machine which results in a light weight print head assembly enabling high speed 3D Printing.

All metal chassis

A 3D printer requires a certain weight to insure stable operation. This is why a all metal chassis is the best way to go when it comes to 3D printing.

All enclosed build space

On the CreatBot you have a totally enclosed build space which prevents large prints from being cracked or warped. In the box

Smart adjustable extruder

CreatBot extruders have an intelligent cooling system, this ensures that the filament is feeding at the optimal temperature all the time. The height adjustable nozzles allows you to align your two nozzles very quick and easy. Perfect when you want to print with support, different material or just two colors. All CreatBots from 3D Prima comes with dual extruders as standard.

High temperature prints

The nozzles can operate in temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. This means that you can use a wide range of different filaments. It also provides you with a very stable temperature during printing.

Large build volume

The DX | DX+ boasts with its impressive build volume of 300 x 250 x 300mm(DX)/520mm(DX Plus), that is more than enough for most makers. This means that you can print your creations in 52 cm height and with a resolution of 0.04 mm.

Ceramic panel hot bed

On top of a silica heating plate there is a stunning ceramic hot bed which is more expensive then glass but also provides a better heating distribution and a more even heat. The ceramic plate is very smooth and provides a very good adhesion.

Metal hot bed tray

An all metal hot bed tray makes for a very stable print platform which in turn improves stability.

Automatically shutdown

Your CreatBot is equipped with a power management module. When the print is finished and there is no action taken within 5 minutes the printer will shut down. Very useful and very energy efficient.

Multi-function key pad

CreatBot has a multi-function keyboard. This makes for very easy handling and direct access to many of the most used functions, including Z shaft up/down, heating/cooling of hot bed, pause, resume print, browse the SD card and more.

Gear motors feeder

A gear motor can produce more torque compared to the general stepper motor, this ensures that there is a smooth feeding of the filament at all times and that retraction is perfect.

Filament detection system

If you should run out of filament during a print, don’t worry. The printer will go into pause mode and let you change the filament – then you just hit resume, easy!

Continued print

If you should have an unexpected power loss the printer remembers the last known position, stores it, lowers and retract the filament. When the power comes back on you can continue to print.



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Technical Specifications

Technical attributeValues
Product nameCreatbot DX | DX Plus
Build size (LDH)300*250*300mm DX|300*250*520mm DX Plus
Nozzle diameter0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0mm
Minimum thickness 0.04 mm
Positioning accuracy XYZ Axis 0.01 mm, Z 0.015 mm
Max Printing speed 180 mm/s
Max Traveling speed 250 mm/s
Nozzle temperature Max. 400 Degree (250 degreee opt.)
Hot bed temperature Max. 120 Degree
Filament materialsPLA / ABS / PVA / Nylon / HIPS /FLEX/PETG etc
Filament diameter 3.0 mm (1.75 mm optional)
OS platform Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OSX
Language English, Multi-language
Software CreatBot multi-language version
Slicer Cura, Slic3r Print
Software Cura, Printrun, RepetierHost
File format STL, OBJ, GCode, Amf
Control chip Arduino ATmega2560 R3Micro Controller
LCD Size 128*64 monochrome multi-language
Power supply 110~220V 360W
Stepper Motor X, Y 42*48, 1.3A Z 42*42, Ratio 1:10
Power Input 110 -220V, 1.5 A
Power Output 24V, 10.5A
Machine dimensions weight420*380*570mm 28Kg DX | 420*380*790mm 35Kg DX Plus
Packaging dimensions weight560*520*710mm 42Kg DX | 560*520*930mm 55Kg DX Plus

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CreatBot DX/DX PLUS 3D Printer
Solid construction with good design - also very good quality print,Could also be used with 1.75 (w/ conversion ) or 3mm (default) filament. Overall i can recommend this printer who needs solid workhorse 3D printer
CreatBot DX/DX PLUS 3D Printer
Set up was quick and I was printing in no time. So far I am pretty happy with it. In four months, the printer has been print 1150 hours, with a longest print of 102 hours straight without issues. Am actually thinking about getting a second one.
CreatBot DX/DX PLUS 3D Printer
Just a quick few words to say that I'm very impressed with the print quality of this device. I've had it now for a few months and do not regret purchasing it. Pros Automatic shutdown to save power energy. Filament detection Supports up to three heads. Rigid and strong printer. Cons Documentation could be better
CreatBot DX/DX PLUS 3D Printer
Great buying experience and great product. I ordered the Creatbot DX Dual extruder on December 15th 2016. I took advantage of their 15% off sale so I think it was a very good price. They shipped it to me DHL and somehow it got delivered by December 24th so we could put it under the Christmas tree. I'm using Simplify3D to prepare and slice the models and have some very good prints. At first the printer would not power on, but that was because the power supply was set @220 and I have @115. ( I assume they test printed it before they shipped it and their power supply is @220. ) Easy fix with a flick of a switch. So far just printing with one extruder and the fastest print setting. Best prints so far was a full T-Rex skull and a Terminator T-800 full skull. I bought the printer for my 12 year old son, but I'm having just as much fun with it as he is. Thank you very much to 3Dprintersbay, and to Creatbot for a great product and fast customer service. Kurt G. from USA
CreatBot DX/DX PLUS 3D Printer
You can be cynical about these Chinese products being "knock-offs" to make easy money for the manufacturer. OK the mechanics are inspired from Ultimaker and the hotends from E3D but there does seem to be some design thought put into these machines e.g.: They could have gone with a basic gear pair on the extruder but elected to use a stepper with integrated gearbox. The hot-ends are capable of achieving temperatures of 400C and use a Type K Thermocouple for sensing temperature. The printer has an auto-shut down feature. The printer has a resume after power failure feature. The first two on this list are not typical of a company that wants to maximise profit. They bring benefit to the user at higher cost. The last two on the list are somewhat unusual. I know of printers that support shut down of the power supply but the inactivity timeout method is something I have not seen commonly offered. The resume after power failure feature hints that the power supply has sufficient spare capacity to perform the required actions at power fail time. I have been using a kit-built Mendel90 for the last 2+ years and this will be my first complete printer purchase. I am particularly interested to hear how people are finding this brand in day-to-day usage

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CreatBot DX/DX PLUS 3D Printer

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